PerformEX Stage

PerformEX Stage on the Tradeshow Floor

Hear from industry practitioners at the heart of the tradeshow floor. Featuring a roster of technical sessions, visit the PerformEX Stage to expand your knowledge on high performance building certification, building envelope design, green materials, and Alberta’s code changes. The PerformEX Stage is a home for a range of topics impacting the way we design, construct, and manage our province’s buildings.


Wednesday, November 6 • 9:45am–10:45am • $50 • PerformEX Stage

W07 – How to Navigate the Road to Net-Zero & High-Performance Buildings

[Optimizing Building Performance & Enhancing Net Asset Value; Green / Energy Efficiency & Environment; Project Planning, Delivery, Management & Best Practices; Property, Asset & Facility Management]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Sustainability Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Net-Zero and Zero-Carbon buildings will be key to meeting Canada’s carbon emission targets for both new construction and existing facilities. As the design and construction industries have evolved, multiple green certification schemes have emerged, and stakeholders are keen to understand what works best for their projects and how to reach their targets.

This presentation will define the pathways for different certification schemes such as CaGBC Zero Carbon Buildings, International Living Future Institute (ILFI) Zero Energy, and Passive House, as well as non-certification practices such as High-Performance Buildings. The talk will also address common financial and technical misinterpretations about net zero buildings. Join this session to understand how to deliver net-zero buildings, the costs to be expected, and the responsibilities that need to be assigned to each project stakeholder.

The next decade will be thrilling for net-zero building initiatives as the industry begins leveraging new technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence. This will open a wide horizon of design decision flexibility, and results in cost, time, and energy savings. Before concluding, the presenter will touch on how these technologies are changing the way we tackle net-zero buildings and the implications for industry.

Bilal Maarouf

Bilal Maarouf, Senior Energy Analyst, Integral Group

Bilal Maarouf is a mechanical engineer specialized in high performance building design and energy modelling. He has over 5 years of experience in the assessment and optimization of building systems, particularly to achieve near and net zero targets. Bilal brings into play a variety of modelling tools and innovative workflows to find the best fit solutions for the client and project’s needs. He has handled projects in design and operation stages along with other R&D work to develop computational analyses tools. His most recent project involved the techno-financial study of net zero buildings across Alberta for multiple building typologies.

Wednesday, November 6 • 11:15am–12:15pm • $50 • PerformEX Stage

W12 – Tales from the Crypt: Building Envelope Horror Stories and Smart Solutions 2.0

[Optimizing Building Performance & Enhancing Net Asset Value; Green / Energy Efficiency & Environment]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Following on last year’s seminar, The Building Dr., Brian Shedden, has issued an update! This seminar will take an in-depth look at the problems faced by Alberta’s condominiums over the past few years; problems that make Vancouver’s leaky condo crisis of the 90’s seem tame by comparison! Attendees will gain valuable insights into the origins of the major issues affecting building envelopes and their ultimate impact on the structure of the buildings. Attendees will learn about the process for investigation, evaluation of findings, recommendations and options for repairs as well as real case studies that look at the full gambit of the problem, including litigation, insurance, special assessments and financing options available. This presentation is well suited to professionals serving the condo industry, including lawyers, property managers, developers, contractors, building officials as well as condominium unit owners, as it is the owner, ultimately, who must deal with the results of a system that has led to these widespread problems.

Heather Elliot

Heather Elliot, Associate, Entuitive

Heather has been involved in various aspects of building envelope consulting, including new construction and remediation projects that include the investigation and repair of existing building envelope systems from initial visual reviews, exploratory work, and condition assessments, to the design of repair details, writing of technical specifications, issuing of bid documents, and field review during construction. Over her 8 year career, Heather’s remediation project experience ranges from localized system replacements such as windows, balcony waterproofing, and roofing to the full recladding of buildings including the replacement of the majority of the cladding systems.

Heather holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary, with a minor in Structural Engineering. She is a Member with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA), a member of the Alberta Building Envelope Council (ABEC) and an Alberta Chapter Member of the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC).


Wednesday, November 6 • 12:30pm–1:30pm • $50 • PerformEX Stage  SOLD OUT!

W19 – Understanding the Implications of Building Code (NBC-AE) Changes for Renovations & New Construction  SOLD OUT!

[Optimizing Building Performance & Enhancing Net Asset Value; Green / Energy Efficiency & Environment; Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; Property, Asset & Facility Management]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Building Code Approved ]

This panel session will include discussions with industry leaders in Building Code Consulting, Architecture and Interior Design in relation to the new building code for the province of Alberta.

The panel discussion will include an overview of the architectural and design changes to the National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition (NBC-AE), which will replace the 2014 Alberta Building Code this year. The majority of changes reviewed in this session will focus on Division B, Part 3 of the NBC-AE.

Panel experts will discuss the implications of the new building code for each profession and essentials for design and construction projects to remain in compliance. Panelists will also discuss the future of building codes in relation to their disciplines and high-level project scopes.

As part of this session, attendees are invited to come prepared with topic-specific questions to engage our panelists in relevant and lively discussions.

Kim Karn

Jamie Leigh Gould

Nabil Habashy

Ulrik Seward

Kim Karn, Building Code & Life Safety Consultant, Kimberly Karn Consulting Inc.

Jaime Leigh Gould, Principal, IDEALAB Licensed Interior Design Inc.
Nabil Habashy, Building/Energy Code Specialist, Alberta Ministry of Municipal Affairs
Ulrik Seward, Managing Chief, Approvals, The City of Calgary

Kim Karn brings over 17 years of experience working with provincial, national & international building codes and standards. Kim refined her skills as a code consultant in Ontario and subsequently Alberta with Larden Muniak Consulting Inc. Kim provided in-house consulting services for Riddell Kurcazba Architecture Engineering Interior Design Ltd. before incorporating her own consulting firm, Kimberly Karn Consulting Inc., in October 2015.

With this knowledge, Kim provides analysis of compliance for existing and proposed building designs, focusing on life and fire-safety. Kim has performed code reviews, developed alternative solutions and has conducted audits and life safety studies for many projects ranging from commercial, residential, health care, arenas and industrial buildings.

Kim has developed and presented continuing education seminars related to building code and life safety subject matter since 2004. Kim has presented seminars for Alberta WoodWorks!, BUILDEX, IIDEX, Interior Designers of Canada, Safety Codes Council and various architectural firms.

Jaime Gould is the Principal of IDEALAB Licensed Interior Design Inc. and an Adjunct Professor at MRU in the Interior Design Department. Having worked with the building code for over 20 years, Jaime has developed projects through numerous versions of the ABC and related sections of the Fire codes as they pertain to Interior Design. Jaime understands that with each update comes challenges in onboarding clients and building operators to identify how these changes can impact buildings that are no longer compliant when facing renovations or new tenant fit-ups. Having practiced in Calgary for 17 years she has had opportunity to work with the local Authorities, having jurisdiction on complex fire, life and safety issues requiring interpretation and compromise.

Nabil Habashy brings with him 20 years of experience and passion to the field of architecture and building codes, with international architectural & sustainability experience in Dubai (UAE), Qatar, Egypt, Canada, USA. Nabil brings extensive experience in Canadian Building & Energy codes, certified as Canadian Registered Building Official, Building Safety Codes Officer and a member of the Alberta building official association.

Nabil is a registered professional member and a council member with the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA). Nabil worked for the City of Edmonton as a commercial and residential safety codes officer and joined Alberta Government- Ministry of Municipal Affairs as a building technical advisor since 2011.

Nabil develops courses and exams for the building inspectors, and presents several presentations in many conferences and regional meetings for building inspectors.

Nabil is LEED accredited professional since 2008.

Nabil volunteers in different associations and institutes to advocate for the practice of architecture and code compliance.

Ulrik Seward is Managing Chief, Approvals at the City of Calgary. His role is to oversee the group that issues all the Building Permits in Calgary. Ulrik is a provincially certified Safety Codes Officer and has worked with the City of Calgary for 14 years. He currently sits on the National Research Council’s Standing Committee on Use and Egress, which is responsible for the development of Part 3 of the National Building Code. He also represents the City of Calgary on the Safety Codes Council’s Building Sub-Council, whose mandate it is to recommend changes to codes and standards to the province.

Wednesday, November 6 • 2:00pm–3:00pm • $50 • PerformEX Stage

W28 – Core Green Building Certification: “Training Wheels” for the Living Building Challenge?

[Optimizing Building Performance & Enhancing Net Asset Value; Health, Safety & Wellness; Green / Energy Efficiency & Environment]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Sustainability Hour IDCEC Approved ]

The Living Building Challenge is the most ambitious, advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment today. With its focus on big-picture outcomes like net-positive energy and water use, it has been stubbornly out of reach for many projects in our current investment environment. Many believe this will change in the future as the costs of climate change reshape that thinking.

But in the meantime, how can today's projects reach toward this standard? One new option is the related Core Green Building Certification, released in 2019. It is a simple framework that outlines the 10 best-practices that a project must achieve to be considered green or sustainable. The purpose is to fill the gap between the highest levels of established programs (like LEED), and the aspirations of the Living Building Challenge.

Think of it as "training wheels" for the Living Building Challenge, developed by the same institute.

This session will introduce the 10 imperatives of the Core Green Building Certification, explore the challenges, and provide opportunities to discuss how these challenges can be met.

Ben Campbell

Ben Campbell, Experienced Sustainability Professional

Specializing in new and existing commercial buildings, Ben's experience encompasses over 50 sustainability projects. Along with confident problem-solving skills afforded by an extensive background in mathematics, Ben's diverse interests extend to economics and the physical and life sciences. These skills and interests combined with experience studying and volunteering internationally allows Ben to approach sustainability problems from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Thursday, November 7 • 9:45am–10:45am • $50 • PerformEX Stage

T09 – The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly – Three Approaches to a New Façade on an Existing Building

[Optimizing Building Performance & Enhancing Net Asset Value; Green / Energy Efficiency & Environment; Property, Asset & Facility Management]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

We are living in a time where many of our existing buildings are approaching their design service life. Energy costs continue to rise along with expectations for building occupant comfort. This talk will present case studies to explore three approaches to extending the life of the building including partial façade retrofit and glass replacement; installation of a new veneer system over the existing framing; and full replacement of the complete building skin.

Leonard Pianalto

Leonard Pianalto, Associate, RJC Engineers

Leonard is an Associate and Group Leader at RJC in the Vancouver Building Science and Restoration team. His group is comprised of specialty engineers that focus on facades, glazing and building components. His group works closely with manufacturers, designers, builders and operators in developing creative and practical solutions for the built environment. He has also added considerable depth to the industry on the topic of seismic retrofit of building components. Clients and staff alike are inspired by his integrity and ethics.

Prior to joining RJC in June of 2007, Leonard worked in the fall protection manufacturing industry and then as a specialty structural engineering consultant primarily serving the architectural manufacturing industry.

Outside of Leonard’s industry involvement, he is also a part-time instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in the School of Construction and the Environment.

Thursday, November 7 • 11:15am–12:15pm • $50 • PerformEX Stage

T16 – How are Alberta’s Entrepreneurs Driving Innovation in Green Materials?

[Green / Energy Efficiency & Environment; New Products, Innovations, Technologies & Materials]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Sustainability Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Buildings account for the lion’s share of environmental impact in urban areas. Improving building performance is thus an important way to reduce pollution and improve energy efficiency. Buildings are systems made up of individual products which themselves are made up of diverse material components. Buildings can not only be improved through innovative design but also via the incorporation of innovative products in their construction.
This session will focus on Alberta-based companies driving innovation in the construction sector by greening the material components suitable for a wide range of projects and building types. Speakers will discuss, evaluate and invite critique on novel structural components, cutting edge building automation technology and the use of robotics for offsite construction.

Attend this session to:

  • Discover local new products, components and technologies for use in future projects
  • Evaluate innovative and green materials against traditional components
  • Understand new developments coming down the pipeline
  • Discuss challenges that remain for adoption of green materials and technologies

Jeff Bell

Doug Brown

Andre Lema

Reto Steiner

Jeff Bell, Senior Sector Lead, Renewable Technologies, Alberta Economic Development and Trade

Doug Brown, Vice President Research and Development, MgO Systems
Andre Lema, Business Development, Western Archrib
Reto Steiner, CEO, InGreen Systems

Jeff Bell currently works as the Senior Sector Lead, in the Renewable Technologies department for the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. In this role he supports relationship building and partnership development in technology areas including clean energy, innovative construction technologies, smart transportation and bio-industrial technologies. His diverse background includes international experience in academia, the private sector, not-for-profits and the public sector. He has a long-standing interest in clean technology, sustainable buildings and urban planning. Prior to his current role he worked for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry where he supported local and international companies in their efforts to grow their businesses using agricultural feedstocks for energy, chemicals and materials applications. Before that he spent three years at Alberta Energy developing policies and regulations to support a broad suite of renewable and alternative energy technologies. He has also worked for various environmental non-profits, a trade association for the co-generation industry and a publishing company that specialized in clean energy. Born and raised in Edmonton, Jeff’s educational background includes a Master of Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Conservation Sciences from University of Alberta.

Doug Brown is a Material Scientist with over ten years of experience in research and prototype development of next-generation green technologies. He holds several patents, is the author of nearly a dozen peer-reviewed publications, and has received numerous academic and research awards.

Doug began is academic career at McGill University where he received his B.Sc. in Chemistry. He then led significant research efforts for Carbon Engineering, commercializing technology to capture carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. He returned to the academic world to pursue his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Calgary prior to joining MgO Systems in 2016.

Andre Lema is the Manager of Business Development for Western Archrib, a glulam manufacturer in Edmonton, AB, Canada. A Graduate of NAIT in Construction Technology. A combination of site experience, pre-fabricated wood, and mass timber over a 30+ year career.

Reto Steiner, M. Arch, B.SC Eng, MBA. Reto has a Master’s degree in Architecture, an MBA and a BSC in Construction Engineering. With over 26 years in the development industry Reto is the CEO of InGreen Systems.


Thursday, November 7 • 2:00pm–3:00pm • $50 • PerformEX Stage

T28 – Evaluating the Implications of NECB 2017 Energy Code for New and Existing Builds

[Optimizing Building Performance & Enhancing Net Asset Value; Green / Energy Efficiency & Environment; Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; Property, Asset & Facility Management]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Building Code Approved ]

This panel will review and evaluate the implications of NECB 2017 energy code for new and existing buildings.

The panel will provide and discuss:

  • High level overview of energy code changes from NECB 2011 to NECB 2017
  • What are the implications to the design and construction practice, and are there essentials for staying in compliance?
  • Observations with respect to the impact of NECB 2011
  • What’s next for energy codes – Step Codes; how does it help reach Canada’s 2030 carbon quotas?

Trina Larsen

Lindsay Austrom

Eduard Cubi

Lindsey Kindrat

Barry Sullivan

Trina Larsen, Principal, AES Engineering

Lindsay Austrom, Team Lead, Sustainability, Williams Engineering Canada Inc.
Eduard Cubi, Performance Specialist, Sustainability and Energy, WSP
Lindsey Kindrat, Executive Director, Principal-In-Charge, 3 Point Environmental
Barry Sullivan, Principal, Kumlin Sullivan Architecture Studio Ltd.

Trina Larsen is a Principal at AES Engineering’s Edmonton Office, which she opened in March 2017. Trina is an experienced electrical Project Manager and Design Engineer who has been involved with the sustainable electrical design of new buildings, renovations and project planning for over 25 years. Trina specializes in lighting and electrical design through all phases of engineering design, from feasibility studies through to detailed design, daylight modeling, specifications, and construction administration and commissioning. With projects ranging from museums and hospitals to small tenant fit-ups, Trina takes pride in working with clients to develop technical solutions that provide occupant comfort, ease of maintenance, and low energy consumption. Trina works closely with clients and the design architects throughout the project to achieve the project goals. Her designs allow for flexibility and a comfortable end-user experience.

Lindsay Austrom, P.Eng., CEM, LEED AP BD+C. Lindsay Austrom is a sustainability engineering consultant with experience dating back to some of the first LEED projects registered in Alberta. As a mechanical engineer, she draws on over ten years of experience in mechanical systems design. Lindsay leads the Sustainability team in Williams Engineering Canada’s Edmonton branch, managing projects including building assessments, measurement and verification, energy modelling, and third-party performance certifications. She works closely with the mechanical, electrical and building science teams to integrate sustainable practices into their work.

Lindsay is a Professional Engineer, Certified Energy Manager, LEED Accredited Professional in BD+C, and member of the Canada Green Building Council’s Energy and Engineering Technical Advisory Group. She served on the board of the ASHRAE Northern Alberta Chapter from 2007-2013. Lindsay also volunteers with students to encourage girls’ participation in STEM fields as well as to promote careers in sustainability, engineering and the buildings industry.

Eduard Cubi is an Analyst, Consultant, and Researcher in energy and environmental performance assessment of buildings and communities. Eduard’s experience combines consulting and applied research projects. As a Performance Specialist, Sustainability and Energy, Eduard uses energy modelling techniques in combination with environmental assessment tools to inform design and operational decisions for sustainable buildings and energy systems.

Eduard’s modelling experience includes commercial and residential buildings, critical spaces, complex mechanical systems, community energy systems, cogeneration plants, and renewable energy systems. Eduard has participated in research networks in low and net-zero energy buildings and has taught at graduate and undergraduate levels at the University of Calgary, Universitat Rovira I Virgili (Spain), and SAIT Polytechnic.

Lindsey Kindrat is a sustainability professional with over 18 years of experience in green buildings. With expertise in urban planning and construction, she excels in greening high-risk projects, multi-phase development, high-rise mixed-use, schools, seniors housing, commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. Her hands-on approach twice earned her a Directorship with the Canada Green Building Council, as CaGBC Faculty, and as the instructor for Calgary’s Sustainable Building Advisor Program.

Lindsey managed the sustainability portfolio for City of Calgary Corporate Properties & Buildings for 8 years. Her work touched on planning, design, construction, upgrade and renovation of green buildings from offices and fire halls, to operational facilities. She then joined Graham Construction as their LEED Specialist to oversee design, construction and certification of major commercial projects throughout Canada and the USA.

Lindsey is now the proud owner of 3 Point Environmental, actively managing customized, sustainable building projects throughout Canada and the USA. She holds a strong commitment to sustainability education, and mentoring the next generation of green building professionals. A proud Albertan, she is happiest in her greenhouse or doing projects on her farm southwest of Calgary, with her husband and golden retriever!

Mr. Sullivan is a Principal and Co-founder of Kumlin Sullivan Architecture Studio Ltd. and brings with him over 20 years of experience in a wide array of project types and scales. His experience in project types includes multi-family residential, commercial, retail, industrial, institutional, academic, office, and hospitality with projects ranging from British Columbia to Saskatchewan.

Mr. Sullivan brings an in-depth knowledge of the architectural development process ranging from master planning through the design process and including all aspects of building construction. This includes understanding and implementing energy efficient design parameters into our building designs as they relate to the National Energy Code for Buildings through the schematic design and design development process. This includes the culmination of two recently completed LEED Silver projects.