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Thursday, December 3

Buildings Week is delighted to host an Interior Design Morning of content, supported by Interior Designers of Alberta (IDA). Join IDA and the design community for a morning of education! All seminars are approved for IDCEC CEUs.

IDA Supported Schedule:

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More design sessions are available throughout the program, with IDCEC CEUs also available.

Thursday, December 3 • 9:00am–10:00am MT • Early Bird $40 (before Nov 13); Reg. $55 (after Nov 13)

THSW607X - Building Your Resilience: Helping Interior Designers Reduce Stress and Build Resilience in Turbulent Times

[ Professional Skills | Strategy & Leadership, Project Design | Planning | Delivery | Mgmt. & Best Practices, Design Concepts | Health | Wellness & Interiors ]

[ OAA 1; IDCEC 1.0 HSW Hour ]

COVID-19. Economic and political uncertainty. Climate change. Career choices. Family commitments. Our lives are increasingly complex, changing and pressure-filled. The negative impacts of high stress and burnout are well documented. The key to overcoming this growing threat to our well-being is learning how to build resilience and shifting our behavior to better respond to stress. Most of us operate in fast-paced and demanding workplaces. We are part of an “always-on” culture that encourages us to work anytime from anywhere, and we are feeling the impacts of this. According to a recent study, Interior Designers, in particular, appear more susceptible to cynicism and exhaustion than almost all other professions. You can learn to become more resilient. This interactive, experiential session will explore how you can build resilience and increase your capacity to better respond to rising levels of stress and burnout. During the session, you will be invited to slow down, reflect and assess your own personal sources of stress; you will learn what contributes to resilience; and you will be challenged to select new behaviors to start building your own personal resilience.

Geoff Scales

Geoff Scales, President, Dialogik Creative Leadership

Geoff is an experienced Leadership and Organization Development consultant who is passionate about leadership development, team development, executive coaching, and culture transformation. He helps his clients develop people and add value for their organizations. He challenges leaders to look within, in order to increase impact and drive performance. He increases team and leader effectiveness, and helps create great workplaces. Geoff has spent 15 years designing and delivering Leadership and Organization Development programs for clients in North America. He has worked with Teck Resources, Goldcorp, Husky Oil, Ledcor Group, EllisDon Construction, Hochtief Group, Balfour Beatty, Ausenco, Qualcomm, American Airlines, American Express, and others. He works with all levels of leadership, from C-suite through to front-line supervisors and has facilitated 1200+ workshops since 2005. Geoff’s certifications include Executive Coaching (ICF - PCC level), Emergenetics Personality Assessment, Myers-Briggs, Leadership Circle Profile, EQ in Action, PROSCI Change Management, Bridges’ Transitions, Human Systems Dynamics and more. Prior to entering the Leadership Development field and founding Dialogik Creative Leadership, he spent 3 years as an Investment Banker with Morgan Stanley in London, England and 7 years as an Advertising Executive in Vancouver.


Thursday, December 3 • 11:00am–12:00pm MT • Early Bird $40 (before Nov 13); Reg. $55 (after Nov 13)

THSW608X - Realizing the Value of Using 3D Rendering in Smaller Interior Design Projects

[ Project Design | Planning | Delivery | Mgmt. & Best Practices, Design Concepts | Health | Wellness & Interiors ]

[ OAA 1; IDCEC 1.0 General Hour ]

3D rendering technologies are changing interior design practice, the delivery of projects, communication with clients and the marketing of our services. However, given the time and investment required to upskill, develop and deliver 3D renderings, there is often a fine balance point when it comes to return on investment on smaller projects or studios with limited budget. This session will explore: how 3D rendering is changing interior design practice; how can time, resource and cost constraints be overcome for small budget projects to ensure cost effectiveness for designer and client; when to bring 3D into projects (and perhaps when not to); how to ensure optimal application in a project; and can 3D rendering replace existing workload and guarantee new value as a part of the design package.

Margo Smith

Margo Smith, Interior Design Studio Lead, Zeidler Architecture

Since 1991, Margo Smith has engaged with a diverse set of clients to create vital and vibrant workspaces, technical facilities and lifestyle environments. While her project management strategies and interior design are contextualized to meet the unique individual or organizational requirements of each client, her signature warmth, creative problem solving and open communication style are exemplified through many returning clients. As a professional member and past Vice President of the Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia (IDIBC), Margo remains extremely active in promoting and growing the profession of Interior Design. She also holds professional membership with the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).


Thursday, December 3 • 1:00pm–2:00pm MT • Early Bird $40 (before Nov 13); Reg. $55 (after Nov 13)

THSW609X - BUILDEX Interior Design Keynote: New Opportunities in Post-Pandemic Spaces: Exploring Social Equity, Health and Well-Being

[ Design Concepts | Health | Wellness & Interiors ]

[ OAA 1; IDCEC 1.0 HSW Hour ]

Public health and equitable architectural design are intimately related. Join Seb Choe and Joel Sanders, founding members of MIXdesign, a New York-based inclusive design think tank and consultancy, as they explore this relationship. The session will discuss how their practice is considering the spatial implications of COVID-19 as a natural extension of their mission to make public spaces safe and accessible for all people regardless of age, race, gender, religion, and ability. As a case-study of this mission, they will discuss Stalled!, an ongoing design-research-advocacy initiative founded in response to national debates surrounding transgender access to public restrooms. The initiative works to create safe, sustainable and inclusive public restrooms for a broad spectrum of embodied users. Rather than prescribing quick-fix functional solutions that only meet the needs of the mainstream, the session will examine the greater need for cross-disciplinary, inclusive consultation when creating public space. Their work relies on the input of experts from public health, the humanities and design professions, as well engagement practices that draw from the lived experience of "non-compliant bodies." Their objective: to create innovative post-pandemic spaces that accommodate all bodies in ways that improve social equity, health and well-being.

Seb Choe

Joel Sanders

Seb Choe, Associate Director, MIXdesign / JSA
Joel Sanders, Principal, MIXdesign / JSA

Seb Choe (they, them) is Associate Director of MIXdesign, an inclusive design think tank and consultancy with a team of recognized experts in different aspects of diversity, dedicated to creating design solutions that make public building types like art museums, restrooms, and university campuses accessible and welcoming to people of different ages, genders, races, religions and abilities. MIXdesign was the subject of a recent article in The New York Times Magazine, “Bodies in Space: How Architecture Could Help Us Adapt to the Pandemic”, which highlighted the organization’s approach to designing inclusive post-pandemic spaces. Seb coordinates the efforts of MIXdesign’s in-house staff, institutional partners, research assistants, interns, and a network of consultants for MIX research, educational, legal, and fundraising initiatives. They act as project manager for Stalled!, an award-winning interdisciplinary design-research initiative that has since its founding in 2015, has become the leading voice on the design of transgender-inclusive restrooms that also account for the needs of a broad spectrum of embodied identities. Seb oversees Stalled! research and design teams, organizes lectures and workshops, and disseminates work through publications like Stalled! Online and Stalled! The Video, as well as through exhibitions including the 2021 Venice Biennale.

Joel Sanders (he/him), FAIA, is Principal of JSA/MIXdesign and Professor at Yale School of Architecture. JSA (Joel Sanders Architect) is an award-winning, LGBTBE-certified, full-service architecture and interior design firm specializing in arts, academic, and residential design. JSA brings more than 20 years of experience designing award-winning museum, gallery, and exhibition design projects, which have explored the relationship between embodied experience and social justice. In 2018, Sanders founded MIXdesign, a division of JSA that acts as a think tank and design consultancy with a team of recognized experts in different aspects of diversity that is dedicated to creating design solutions that make public building types like art museums, restrooms, and university campuses accessible and welcoming to people of different ages, genders, races, religions and abilities. Sanders is a Professor-in-Practice at Yale School of Architecture where he is the Director of the M.Arch II Program. Prior to joining Yale, he was an Assistant Professor at Princeton University and the Director of the Graduate Program at Parsons School of Design. Sanders received both a B.A. and an M.Arch. from Columbia University. Editor of STUD: Architectures of Masculinity and Groundwork: Between Landscape and Architecture, Sanders’s writings and practice have explored the complex relationship between culture and social space, looking at the impact that evolving cultural forces (such as gender identity and the body, technology and new media, and the nature/culture dualism) have on the designed environment.