2018 BUILDEX Calgary Program Day 1

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Seminar Streams:

  • Building Performance
  • Culture & Community
  • Green
  • Health & Wellness
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Leadership & Business Improvement

Wednesday, November 7 • 8:00am–9:00am • $50 • Palomino D/E

W01 – Opening Plenary: Calgary 2.0: The Evolution of Our City

[Culture & Community, Innovation & Technology, Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Calgary – it’s one hell of a town. An economic downturn combined with a surge in economic diversification and outside of the box thinking, has created the spirit of an underdog in Calgary. With a renewed sense of optimism, and a myriad of achievements under their belt, the city is poised to take on the next generation of the world economy.

In this morning plenary, General Manager of Urban Strategy at the City of Calgary, Rollin Stanley, will address how this next generation economy is being considered in the planning of our city. Recognizing the migration, demographic, and cultural shifts the city is experiencing, Rollin will expand on how these trends are changing the composition of the city.

Urban centers around North America have shifted focus to deal with technological change. Rollin will explore these technological changes in context of how it’s impacting the way we design and build and how the physical design of older cities matches up with the future.

Rollin Stanley

Rollin Stanley, General Manager, Urban Strategy, City of Calgary

Rollin Stanley has worked in four major metropolitan areas in North America, in urban, suburban and rural environments as well as distressed and booming urban areas. Since 2012 he has led both the Planning, Development and Assessment Department and now the Urban Strategy Department for The City of Calgary, where he is looking at major real estate plays and strategic building opportunities in the city. Prior to coming to Calgary in 2012, he led planning departments in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and the City of St. Louis and worked as an urban planner in Toronto.


Wednesday, November 7 • 9:00am–12:00pm • $125 • Mustang

W02 – Workshop: Integrated Project Delivery – An Action Guide for Leaders

[Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 3.0 CPDs • 3.0 AAA Structured LH ]

Published in June of this year, Integrated Project Delivery: An Action Guide for Leaders provides owners and other project leaders with how-to knowledge—not advice or a sales tool—on how to do Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). This instruction guide helps leaders determine whether IPD is right for their project and the steps needed to make IPD a reality and a success.

Currently, there are several documents, such as the AIA IPD Guide of 2007, that describe IPD. But for an owner, or other stakeholder leader, there was until now no simple document that answered the question, "Ok, I know I want to try IPD. What do I do next?” The Action Guide answers that question and assists participants in getting over the inertia of the first step, filling a gap in available IPD knowledge and tools and complementing current IPD content.

The workshop will provide an overview of the Guide, address Validation, Culture, Financial issues, What Goes Wrong, and How to Get Started, in a combination of presentation, discussion, and interactive activities. The workshop will be facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team including owner, architect, and constructor.

Learning objectives:

After this workshop, attendees should be able to:

  • Create a strategy for tangible next steps to implement Lean IPD in their projects
  • Describe the goals and processes in a typical IPD validation process and tailor them for their projects
  • Explain how financial tracking and projections work in Lean IPD projects
  • Anticipate what might go wrong in a Lean IPD project and what to do about it
  • Compare and contrast the cultural expectations of Lean IPD compared to traditional projects

Markku Allison

Jennifer Hancock

Markku Allison, VP Strategy + Innovation, Chandos Construction, President, Integrated Project Delivery Alliance
Jennifer Hancock, Director Innovative Construction, Chandos Construction

Markku is a sought-after public speaker, an early proponent of the green/lean/ipd+bim movement and a pioneer in the field of design work planning.

Markku has over 25 years experience both as an award-winning designer and as a thought-leader on transformative issues in the design and construction industry. During his time with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Markku was instrumental in developing AIA’s “Integrated Project Delivery: A Guide,” the AIA “50to50” (50 strategies to 50% carbon reduction), as well as a range of other influential industry resources and white papers.


Wednesday, November 7 • 9:15am–10:15am • $50 • Quarter Horse A/B

W03 – In the Blind Spot of Sustainability – Interior Renovations

[Building Performance, Green, Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Sustainability Hour IDCEC Approved ]

The world of sustainability has blind spots, and commercial interior renovations often find themselves in the middle of one. Whether it is due to the way codes are written, or the tight budgets and schedules that these projects often face, many organizations are missing a significant opportunity to create spaces that prioritize health, energy efficiency and environmental impact.

This presentation will discuss the related design conversations that can be overlooked on interior renovation projects, from waste management infrastructure to lighting controls to paint selection. The presenter will highlight how LEED ID+C and other rating systems can provide a framework for closing these gaps.

Participants will explore the unique value proposition of rating systems for interior projects, and how we can work towards greening commercial real estate from the inside out.

Ben Campbell

Ben Campbell, Director, Southern Alberta – Sustainability & Energy, WSP Canada Inc. 

Ben leads WSP's Sustainability & Energy team in Calgary, which focuses on sustainability consulting for new and existing buildings as well as performance simulation, commissioning and energy auditing. Ben is a passionate and accomplished speaker who has delivered several conference presentations on green building topics through Buildex and the Canada Green Building Council. He has experience with diverse project types including two LEED version 4 certified projects.

Wednesday, November 7 • 9:15am–10:15am • $50 • Palomino C

W04 – Gig Work – Micro-Businessing Your Career

[Culture & Community, Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

The world of work is transforming akin to the industrial revolution. Traditional jobs are fading against the rise of the gig economy, with independents working short term assignments, individual contracts or operating micro-businesses. Driven by technology and globalization, the gig economy is more than the latest trend but a structural change developing without regard to national borders. Gig work is not new to the building industry but has a long history in the construction trades and professions. What is new is the rate of growth in independent work, with 30% of the labour force working gigs.

The gig economy has already touched you or those around you. You work in gigs, you hire gig workers, and gig workers deliver products and services to your door. The gig economy provides building materials and supplies that you use daily, and even the installation labour. How will you prepare, engage, compete and thrive in the gig economy? Will the gig economy be all that your children ever know?

This presentation will both inform and provide specific strategies so that you can engage in a revolution in work-life described as akin to the Internet revolution in 1990. Join us to become empowered in this mega-trend in the world of work.

James Bancroft

Ed Britton

Shamalia Butt

James Bancroft, Career Coach, MCG Careers
Ed Britton, Regional Manager, Calgary, MCG Careers
Shamalia Butt, Gig Worker, MCG Careers

James Bancroft is a Career Coach with MCG Careers. He has participated as a gig worker assisting owners in developing plans for their small businesses. Mr. Bancroft has an MBA (BYU).

Ed Britton is Regional Manager, Calgary, MCG Careers, and leads the corporate initiative in support of gig careerists. His prior role in the company was Program Coordinator for the Construction Pre-Trades Program. Living and working for extended periods in Africa and China, as well as in Canada, he brings a global perspective to career development. He participates in the gig economy as an ecommerce merchant. Mr. Britton has a BSc (SFU) and MA in Leadership (RRU) and is a graduate of BC Institute of Technology.

Shamaila Butt is a Marketer/Social Media Coordinator with MCG, and a professional consultant with a specialization in brand development, design, research, and digital marketing. Ms. Butt has obtained a BBA (Hons) in Marketing (MRU).


Wednesday, November 7 • 9:15am-10:15am • $50 • Arabian A/B/C

W05 – Clearing the Smoke on Weed at Work: What Employers Need to Know About Cannabis in the Workplace 

[Culture & Community, Health & Wellness,Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 Health, Safety, Welfare Hour IDCEC Approved ]

The legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada is expected to occur sometime in 2018 and medicinal cannabis use is something employers are already dealing with. Now, employers are grappling with questions around if and how recreational cannabis can be dealt with in the workplace, including questions around employees with medical authorizations and concerns about safety.

In this session, we will explore the answers to employers' questions and assist them in understanding how to balance employee rights and safety. This session will include an update on the relevant legislation, review of the amendments employers should consider making to drug and alcohol policies, a discussion of when accommodation may be required and how to accommodate, and strategies for promoting a fit for work culture. Finally, the presentation will review what actions should be taken if an employer suspects their employee may be impaired at work, when an employer can discipline their employee for cannabis use and how to test for impairment at the job site.

If your organization isn't sure how to manage cannabis in the workplace and hasn't updated its drug and alcohol policy (and especially if your organization doesn't have a drug and alcohol policy), this session is for you!

Christin Elawny

Chloe Mathioudakis

Christin Elawny, Lawyer, Field Law
Chloe Mathioudakis, Lawyer, Field Law

Christin Elawny is a labour and employment lawyer with over 10 years of experience helping both non-unionized and unionized employers with complex issues, workforce planning and other employment-related needs. Specifically, Christin helps clients with hiring and termination planning, defending claims, as well as developing and modernizing workplace policies, contracts and procedures that protect employers and support workplace human rights.

Clients appreciate Christin's practical focus on their business objectives and her ability to plan and mitigate risk from every perspective of the employer-employee relationship. Christin helps employers plan for the future and believes that proper planning and development of policies and procedures will ensure compliance and mitigate vulnerabilities.

One of Christin's recent areas of focus has been helping employers by addressing the many questions and issues raised by the impending legalization of cannabis and the current state of the law on medicinal cannabis. She has presented extensively on this topic for individual employers, at in-house seminars and for professional and other organizations.

Chloe Mathioudakis is a dispute resolution and insurance lawyer at Field Law.

Chloe received a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Studies from Queen's University. While working towards her arts degree, Chloe volunteered as Speaker Coordinator for Queen's Model Parliament, where she organized Cabinet Ministers to speak at the House of Commons and introduced these speakers to over 300 participants.

Chloe attended law school at the University of Calgary, where she balanced her academic studies with extracurricular activities, including working as a case worker for Student Legal Assistance. During her last two years of law school and prior to joining Field Law, Chloe ran Level's Dare to Dream Program in Calgary. This Mock Trial program is rooted in building trust, acknowledging colonial legacies, honouring indigenous practices and customs, and maintaining a two-way transfer of knowledge between indigenous youth and volunteer legal professionals.

One of Chloe's current areas of focus is the effect of impending legalization of recreational cannabis and how the Provinces and Territories are adapting to further regulate cannabis production, sale and consumption. She recently co-authored an article on Cannabis Regulation in Canada's Territories, which was published in Aboriginal Business Quarterly.

Wednesday, November 7 • 9:45am–10:45am • $50 • PerformEX Stage on the Tradeshow

W06 – Big Data and the Built Environment

[Building Performance, Culture & Community, Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Technology can be used to make more informed design decision when it comes to the built environment. Focusing on Big Data, this presentation will expand on the science of data collection and analytics, profiling the importance of interconnectivity in the evolution of both our buildings and the urban realm.

Honing in on the value of building better and deeper data models, the speaker will explore the real economics of creating a Big Data system to assess and predict the effect of human movement and outside influences on municipal and building infrastructure and systems.

Attendees will walk away with a perspective on the real world of Big Data and predictive analytics, the application of virtual tools to enhance data analytics, and the potential these areas holds for the betterment of the physical environment. The speaker will also provide an update on the different technological innovations available to support this science.

Rory Armes

Rory Armes, CEO, Eight Solutions Inc.

Rory Armes, is the CEO of Eight Solutions Inc. (“Eight”), a technology company that combines art and science to deliver big data solutions in high growth industries. Eight, as the parent company to Cumul8 Technologies, specializes in technology, Big Data, and predictive analytics. Clients include leading Media & Entertainment studios located both in Hollywood and internationally, North America’s biggest forestry companies, and solution providers in Electrical Construction, Building Maintenance, and Waste Disposal Management.

As the former Senior Vice President of Electronic Arts Inc., Rory managed upwards of 1500+ staff studios and oversaw some of the world’s biggest and most successful video game franchises, including Need for Speed, FIFA, NBA, Harry Potter and NHL. He worked in England to help purchase and integrate large gaming studios responsible for the Burnout and Battlefield franchises.

Prior to joining EA, Rory was the cofounder and president of Radical Entertainment, a leading developer of interactive entertainment. He was also a leader with Distinctive Software Interactive, a company acquired by EA.

After a successful career both domestically and internationally, Rory returned to his roots and started Gener8, now Eight Solutions, which originally had its start in 2D to 3D conversion for blockbuster Hollywood films.

Rory with Gener8 developed a proprietary technology it calls G83D: a method of converting films to 3D that was previously thought too difficult and labor-intensive. To support the 3D conversion business, Rory also developed software tools to manage and transfer big data. He soon realized that this technology could quickly be applied beyond just entertainment borders.

Gener8 was sold and Rory founded Eight Solutions Inc. Witnessing the success behind the 3D conversion technology and recognizing a market opportunity, Eight Solutions has since become the parent company for Cumul8 Technologies, which provides data solutions across a varied industry scope.

Rory has over 25 years’ experience working with data across multiple industries and currently leads a team of gaming, media, and data science industry veterans, continuing to successfully provide disruptive solutions in high growth industries.


Wednesday, November 7 • 10:00am-10:30am • Complimentary (Pre-Registration Required) • TECHCENTRIC on the Tradeshow Floor  SOLD OUT

TC01 – Making Virtual Reality a Success SOLD OUT

[Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 0.5 CPDs • 0.5 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

There is no question that Virtual Reality is powerful. But does it offer value for building designers and owners? Absolutely! VR can improve building operation and design and help customers and shareholders to experience a design before it is built. In this presentation, the speaker will highlight best practices and overview the tools and skills required to make Virtual Reality a success.

Joe Magas

Joe Magas, CEO & Owner, Fusiontek

Joe Magas is the CEO of Fusiontek which provides smart technology for building design, construction and facility management. Among his many roles Joe is a Bluebeam Certified Instructor and Western Canada's ARCHICAD reseller. He is a creative presenter and enthusiastic instructor with decades of experience supporting PDF, CAD, BIM and visualization technology.

Wednesday, November 7 • 10:00am–11:30am • $45 • New Central Library

W13 – A Design Tour of the New Central Library

[Culture & Community, Innovation & Technology]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH ]

Iconic in the make-up of Calgary’s urban landscape, the new Central Library will act as a gathering spot for our cities many citizens. A collaboration between the City of Calgary, Calgary Public Library and Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), this award winning building designed by Snohetta (NYC) and Dialog (Calgary) has been recognized as Architectural Digest’s most anticipated buildings of 2018. The first of its kind, this tour will be led by CMLC Project Lead, Kate Thompson. Attendees will be led through the Library while being exposed to the buildings many monumental design features. Kate will provide information behind the unique design challenges that the Library presented, expanding on the narrative of the space and it’s many features.

Rob Adamson

Kate Thompson

Facilitated by:
Rob Adamson, Principal, DIALOG
Kate Thompson, Vice President, Projects, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Rob Adamson is a senior design principal at DIALOG with over 30 years of experience leading in the design and management of large-scale projects. He is currently the lead principal on the New Central Library located in the East Village in downtown Calgary and the Calgary Cancer Centre at the Foothills Medical Centre medical campus. Rob’s breadth of experience is demonstrated in his award-winning projects spanning many sectors including aviation, healthcare, institutional and civic buildings. His leadership is recognized through the success of well-known projects, such as the Calgary International Airport International Facilities and the University of Calgary – Energy, Environment Experiential Learning (EEEL) projects.

Kate joined CMLC in January 2013 to lead our Construction & Development division in delivering the master plan vision for East Village and the Rivers District. Currently, she is leading development of the city’s New Central Library, overseeing the project management team while working closely with Calgary Public Library, City of Calgary, project consultants and stakeholders.

A registered member of the Alberta Architects Association (AAA) and active Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (MRAIC), Kate manages architectural controls for East Village, ensuring all plans for new development align with CMLC’s vision for the neighbourhood.

Kate is active in the community through her role as Vice Chair of the YWCA Calgary Board of Directors and as a member of the Dean’s Circle of Environmental Design (EVDS) at University of Calgary, where she has been a sessional instructor since 2004. In both teaching and practicing architecture, she continues to highlight the importance of a well-built urban fabric and support projects that strengthen Calgary’s urban spaces.

Wednesday, November 7 • 10:45am–12:15pm • $60 • Quarter Horse A/B

W07 – Advanced Accessible Design in Alberta

[Building Performance, Culture & Community, Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPDs • 1.5 AAA Structured LH • 2.0 HSW-Barrier Free Hours IDCEC Approved ]

This seminar will provide a foundation for learning and understanding the prescribed accessibility (barrier-free) design requirements as they relate to the 2014 Alberta Building Code (ABC), while at the same time bringing attention to more meaningful access design, the application of universal design principles, and more restrictive accessibility design requirements that may be governed by the City of Calgary.

This seminar will address the intent behind accessibility requirements and leave attendees with the knowledge to pursue design and construction that is barrier-free. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of when, and to what extent, barrier-free design will be applicable to their new or existing projects.

This session will be of value to architects, interior designers, space planners, engineers and select manufacturers. The content is designed for industry professionals with beginner to intermediate knowledge of the Alberta Building Code.

Samantha Proulx

Samantha Proulx, Accessible Built Environment Specialist, ABE Factors Inc.

Wednesday, November 7 • 10:45am–11:45am • $50 • Palomino A/B

W08 – CONSTRUCTION KEYNOTE: An In-Conversation with 3 Leading Business Minds – How to Strengthen Your Company in a Shifting Economy

[Culture & Community, Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

This keynote gathers 3 leading business minds that have been recognized for growing their companies in times of economic uncertainty. Was it just luck? Good timing? Or is there a more in depth approach to business resilience? As leaders in the construction industry, these are all things we must examine if we want to improve our resilience in a shifting economy.

These panelists will share their stories, painting a narrative of what business success looked like for them in an increasingly complex market. They’ll provide insight into the key leadership and organizational traits their company utilized to sharpen their competitive edge. Summarizing on key learnings, speakers will provide the “golden nuggets” of business success that were monumental to thriving in challenging economic times.

Applying these learnings in a future forward context, the panelists will discuss the societal shifts and economic influencers that they are following closely in-order-to plan for continued business resilience.

Bill Black

Alina Martin

Lara Murphy

Bill Black, President, Calgary Construction Association

Alina Martin, Managing Director, Yardstick; COO, Danatec
Lara Murphy, Founder, Ryan Murphy Construction Inc.

Bill is the President & Founder of Mindnetworkx Inc. and is no stranger to the challenges of the industry.

As President and CEO of Brxton Construction LP he led a strategic reorganization of the business to support an orderly wind down on behalf of the owners.

Prior to this Bill was EVP of Commercial at Skyline Building Envelope and part of the leadership team that was instrumental in facilitating a turnaround and sale of the business in 2015.

A highly adaptable individual, as evidenced by his varied career, Bill always brings a fresh perspective to the challenges and opportunities that he is involved with.

Beginning in Scotland as a Quantity Surveyor Bill moved to Canada in 1991. After working with Helyar and Associates and then as an estimator with Skyline Roofing he joined Smed in 1999 just prior to their acquisition by Haworth. Over the next years Bill’s role grew and his during his travels across North America working on projects and business development activities with numerous blue chip companies, industry influencers and stakeholders.

In Nov 2012 Bill returned to Skyline as Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communications before joining the senior leadership team as Executive Vice President of Commercial.

Frequent keynote speaker at many industry events, a constant champion of change and an outspoken advocate for a better construction industry.

Co-founder of Mindnetworkx Inc. where he applies his varied background, talents and experience in a variety of services to organizations.

Founding member of the Mindshift consortium and co-authored “The Commercial Real Estate Revolution”. Mindshift won the Corenet Global Innovators Award in 2009.

Calgary Construction Association Person of the Year Award for 2014 in recognition of his industry work and incoming chair of the CCA for 2018.

Alina Martin embraced her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. With a definite knack for growing and scaling businesses, over the past 13 years, she has grown Danatec Educational Services, a small family-owned business based in Calgary, Alberta,
into a powerhouse safety training company.

Her visionary leadership has turned Danatec into the industry leader for Occupational Health and Safety Training and Consulting.  Moreover, she strives through her work to ensure all Canadians come home safely to their families after a day on the job site.

 She is a consummate champion of both fellow female entrepreneurs and women in Women in Occupational Health and Safety. Her fearless pursuit of excellence in business was recognized by Chatelaine and Profit Magazine as one of Canada's Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs. Over the past several years Alina has spent time contributing to her community by sitting on the Board of Directors for Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), was the Calgary Chair for The Women in Leadership Foundation and recently, she has gone on to join the Women in Occupational Health and Safety Society (WOHSS). 

When she's not working or mentoring fellow women in business, Alina enjoys cooking with her family, travelling to far-off places, and reading!

Lara Murphy started her first construction business in New Brunswick at 16, advertising by handing out flyers door to door. This business, Handy Student Maintenance started with small jobs and Lara was proud she could fit two lawn mowers in the trunk of her car! From building decks to working on yachts today she is the Co- Founder of Ryan Murphy Construction; and no, Ryan Murphy is not a man, In fact its Calgary’s only Commercial Construction firmed owned by two women. In 2008, Lara co-founded Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. with business partner, Karen Ryan, after meeting on a construction site in Banff with the motive to create a more approachable, transparent and educational construction firm within their industry.

Working with Brands like the Sheraton, UNDRCARD, Telus Spark, Junction 9, Village Ice Cream, TWT, Gravity Café and The Vin Room they been recognized and featured by PROFIT 500, Canadian Business, Alberta Venture and MacLean’s Magazine among Canada’s note-worthy organizations to look out for.

Ryan Murphy is proud to partner with in several community initiatives including Fast & Female, Accessible Housing, Scotia Bank Charity Marathon, YWCA and Beaker Head to name a few.

Lara currently functions as the Director of Business Development for Ryan Murphy Construction Inc., serves on two additional boards and several advisory committees.


Wednesday, November 7 • 10:45am–12:15pm • $60 • Palomino C

W09 – The Future of High Performance: Energy & Objective Based Codes

[Building Performance, Green]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPD • 1.5 AAA Structured LHs • 1.5 HSW-Building Code Hours IDCEC Approved ]

Building standards and codes are rapidly moving toward performance based compliance models. This is challenging to both industry and government. Simplistic but easily applicable and transparent “do this, don't do that” prescriptive codes have the benefit of providing consistent and accessible information to communicate minimum standards. However, general acceptance of prescriptive minimums often prove problematic as the minimum becomes standard or possibly even considered best practice. This may lead to stagnation in expectation and prevent innovation in the design and construction industry. Performance based codes conversely evaluate non-standard solution sets against minimum design objectives to determine compliance. These models are certainly more flexible, but carry with them a higher standard of proof, and may strain consulting, contracting and owner decision making processes and coordination.

The rapid move toward performance based codes is nowhere more observable than the recently adopted energy codes. As whole-building energy efficiency standards with purposely designed performance path options of compliance, the energy codes provide insight into future code development and how performance evaluation may be used in both energy and life safety codes.

Together, ABC 9.36 and the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB) provide examples of the significant opportunity for consulting to be more flexible in project choices, and more responsive to owner budgets in the design process. Contractors likewise are affected by performance-based codes, as contract administration, tendering, and procurement are all impacted. Lastly, owners must become aware of the decisions making processes, specific expertise requirements, and scheduling practices and budget shifts necessary to economically benefit most from performance based codes.

In order to explore these impacts adequately, this presentation will review the impetus and philosophy of performance based codes, and explore the relationship to other design problems such as analogues. Primarily using the energy codes for illustrative purposes, the speaker will demonstrate how performance options can affect project schedules, delivery methodology, and budgets for construction projects. Finally, the presenter will explore where code documents are headed, and how industry may be impacted in the future with a focus on permitting and approvals.

Justin Pockar

Justin Pockar, Energy and Environment Coordinator, City of Calgary

Prior to joining The City of Calgary Justin worked as a consultant, completing several projects certified to LEED Gold or better. As Energy and Environment Coordinator for Planning & Development at the City of Calgary, current responsibilities include administration and integration of sustainable design policies and technology into the approvals processes and built environment. He has authored several works, notably playing a role in the development of the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB), and contributing volumes for both ASHRAE and BIM Canada publications. In addition, he occupies positions on the Canada Green Building Council Alberta Board of Directors, the Standing Committee for Energy Efficiency at the National Research Council, and SAIT's Green Building Technology Centre Board.

Wednesday, November 7 • 10:45am–11:45am • $50 • Palomino A/B

W10 – WELL, Fitwel and More – Navigating the Health & Wellness Landscape for Existing Buildings

[Building Performance, Green, Health & Wellness. Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 Health, Safety, Welfare Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Health and wellbeing is a game changer, redefining what constitutes our age-old definition of sustainable buildings. Led by the pioneering Living Building Challenge, we also now have a proliferation of health & wellbeing-focused building standards with a new suite of performance-based metrics, such as those in the WELL Building Standard, the Fitwel Certification System. As projects move from registered to certified, case studies are becoming available showing the return on investment of investing in employee health, and the increased market value of healthy homes. Investing in health and wellbeing strategies and certification can bring an edge to your projects with regards to attracting tenants and retaining top talent.

In 2017, Calgary still had the highest downtown office vacancy rate of any major Canadian city. In a market driven by tenant fit-outs of vacant buildings, it is important to understand both the opportunities and limitations of meeting the criteria of WELL, and Fitwel in existing buildings.

Focusing on region specific contexts, the presenters will discuss the standards available, highlight the intent, strengths and weaknesses of each in the context of existing buildings, notably commercial office and multiunit residential buildings, and share lessons learned from current projects.

Finally, by taking a future forward look, the speakers will discuss advancements in this area highlighting the influence that health & wellbeing will have on the continued evolution of the built environment.

Rachel Bannon-Godfrey

Kaitlyn Gillis

Rachel Bannon-Godfrey, Principal, Discipline Leader – Sustainability, Stantec
Kaitlyn Gillis, Wellbeing + Sustainability Specialist, Stantec

Rachel has everything you want in a great sustainability team leader: a deep commitment to leveraging design to help people and communities thrive now and for years to come, the expertise to articulate the business case for sustainable design, and the ability to inspire teams to see opportunities for more sustainable solutions in every project.

Her experience spans engineering and designing high-performance and net-zero energy buildings across six countries and three continents. Under her direction, our teams are working to expand the definition of what it means to design spaces and places that not only improve building performance, but also drive health and wellbeing for our clients and employees alike. In addition, through her role on the B Corp Advisory Board she enjoys learning how other markets and industries are navigating the opportunities and complexities of using business as a force for good through their environmental, social, and governance impacts, in an ever-changing landscape.

Outside the office, Rachel and her husband are busy raising their two young environmentalists-in-training, and enjoying everything Colorado has to offer. Except snow storms.

Kaitlyn Gillis (BEng, EIT, MSc(Arch), MSc(Env Psyc), LEED AP, WELL AP) recently completed her Master’s of Science in Environmental Psychology, where she focused her research on the restorative impacts of Biophilic Design on indoor environments. Originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Kaitlyn comes to us from London UK, where she gained experience with BREEAM, LEED, and working with the newly released WELL Building Standard.

Kaitlyn is passionate about health and wellbeing in the built environment and leads Light House’s projects and educational efforts on human-centred design, healthy building materials and the WELL Building Standard.

Kaitlyn has worked with numerous clients on various projects including LEED projects, reviewing design guidelines, developing employee educational materials, and conducting WELL Building Standard Feasibility Studies. She is also an accomplished public speaker and in 2016 presented at various events including: Light House’s first inspiration Session: Nature, People & Design in April; Women in Architecture, Vancouver in March; BuildEx Express in November; and the PHABC Conference in December. Kaitlyn also participated in the Turncoats Vancouver second debate, Green Wash, in September. She is also leading Light House’s Lunch and Learns: Creating Healthy Environment for People.

Kaitlyn has recently co-published two articles: Healthy Building Syndrome with Dak Kopec in Canadian Architecture Magazine, August 2016; and Designing Interior Environments that Support Human Health with Michelle Biggar in Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine, January 2017.

Outside of work, Kaitlyn can be found enjoying nature through various activities with her young son, River, and husband, Tom.

Wednesday, November 7 • 11:15am–12:15pm • $50 • PerformEX Stage on the Tradeshow Floor

W11 – Building Envelope Horror Stories and Smart Solutions

[Building Performance, Innovation & Technology]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Building Code Hour IDCEC Approved ]

This seminar will take in depth look at the problems faced by Calgary’s condominiums over the past few years. Problems that make Vancouver’s leaky condo crisis of the 90’s seem tame by comparison!

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the origins of the major issues affecting building envelopes and their ultimate impact on the structure of the buildings.

Attendees will learn about the process for investigation, evaluation of findings, recommendations and options for repairs as well as real case studies that look at the full gambit of the problem, including litigation, insurance, special assessments, and available financing options.

This presentation is well suited to professionals serving the condo industry, including lawyers, property managers, developers, contractors, building officials as well as condominium unit owners, as it’s the owner, ultimately, who must deal with the results of a system that has lead to these widespread problems.

Brian Shedden

Brian Shedden, Principal, Entuitive 

At Entuitive, Brian Shedden is a Principal in the Existing Buildings group, delivering assessment and restoration services for a broad range of project types. Leading a team of 15 professional engineers, architectural and engineering technologists in Alberta, Brian is recognized by both our clients and the industry as a leading expert in the field of Building Science.

With a career spanning over 35 years in the building construction and restoration industry, Brian provides consultation and design for residential and commercial buildings, condominiums, hospitals and long-term care facilities, schools and universities and cultural projects. His operational experience covers project delivery from start to finish: owner’s representative services; initial building condition assessments; and performance failure investigations; reserve fund studies; technical; audits; capital reserve planning; recommendations for restoration and renewal of building envelope systems; contract administration; project management; litigation support and expert witness services.

Wednesday, November 7 • 12:00pm–1:30pm • $60 • Palomino D/E

W12 – BUILDEX Meeting of the Minds Lunch: Emotional Intelligence – Laying the Foundation for Culture, Community and Prosperity in Industry

[Culture & Community, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPDs • 1.5 AAA Structured LHs • 1.5 General Hours IDCEC Approved ]

The building industry is complex. It represents numerous different professions and services the diverse needs of our community. Although there’s engagement within practice areas, there’s speculation that a divide between key segments has resulted in a lack of culture and community amongst industry. Some say this has led to a muted approach when it comes to tackling the issues we face as a collective, inhibiting market progression.

Getting to the crux of this dilemma Culture Expert and Industry Advocate, Shane Wallace, will highlight the critical role that culture plays in achieving prosperity as an industry. Expanding on how to create culture and community at an industry level, Shane will narrow in on Emotional Intelligence, exploring its use as a highly practical and easy to implement tool that has significant contributions to furthering the engagement and culture of any organization, practice area or industry.

Shane Wallace

Shane Wallace, Chief Engagement Officer, CultureSmith Inc.

Shane Wallace is the founder & CEO of CultureSmith Inc., an innovative and disruptive Employee Engagement firm based in Calgary, Alberta.

A 17 year veteran of the Professional Recruitment industry, Shane launched his first firm in 2005 after spending 6 years as a Director of a multi-national Fortune 100 Recruitment Firm.

As the leader of a rapidly growing enterprise, tackling employee engagement was a daily challenge. In setting his mind to solving this issue for himself, Shane soon realized that he had created a highly impactful model that was delivering amazing results. After “lending” the methodology to a number of his key recruitment clients, the demand for this service built almost overnight and CultureSmith Inc. was born.

Shane now spends his time tackling the engagement issue on behalf of others. Teaching the four core concepts of Alignment, Assessment, Attraction and Activation, he helps companies leverage all about them that is unique, creating solutions that allow them to find prosperity in even the most challenging market conditions.

Wednesday, November 7 • 1:30pm–2:30pm • $50 • Palomino A/B

W14 – Putting the “New” in the Renewal of Aging Infrastructure – U of C Schulich School of Engineering

[Culture & Community, Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Campuses across North America are confronting aging infrastructure and new pedagogies. A recent study indicates $8.4 billion worth of deferred maintenance has accumulated on Canadian campuses alone as midcentury structures approach lifecycle thresholds. The CNRL Engineering Complex at University of Calgary's Schulich School of Engineering is a recently completed transformative renewal of an aging facility that breathes new life and opportunity for the next generation of learning.

This case study reveals the decisions and design thinking to renew rather than replace. From the utterly practical- moving labs to the upper floors to reduce ducted pathways to the penthouse, to the wildly inventive - programming a four-storey glass facade to display patterns when the glazing tints in response to light levels, this project emphasizes the 'new' in renewal at a fraction of the cost of starting over.

Speakers will expand on they harnessed the possibilities of a simple form while bringing new clarity and purpose to existing and enlarged space, positioning the school of engineering in the vanguard of 21st century architecture.

David Dow

Stephen Mahler

David Dow, Principal, Diamond Schmitt Architects
Stephen Mahler, Partner, Gibbs Gage Architects

David graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Dundee, Scotland, and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Waterloo, where he received the graduating class award for design excellence. Throughout his career he has brought considerable design and management expertise to architectural projects of varying complexity and size.

Since joining Diamond Schmitt Architects in 1999, he has managed a wide range of institutional, healthcare, commercial, recreational and residential projects, including the Bahen Centre for Information Technology at the University of Toronto; the Computer Science and Engineering Building at the University of Michigan; and the Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. He was the lead designer for the CNRL Engineering Complex at University of Calgary's Schulich School of Engineering. Current projects include the design of a new headquarters for LiUNA in Vaughan, Ontario and a multi-phase redevelopment of Humber College's Lakeshore Campus in Toronto.

David champions Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) procurement and has completed two projects to date with St. Jerome's University in Waterloo, Ontario, and a recreational facility and fire station in Oakville, Ontario.

Stephen has been a Senior Project Designer and Design Team Manager with GGA since 1994; becoming Partner in 2007. Backed by a successful track record in the field of architecture since 1988, Stephen's wide range of experience includes a special interest in office and institutional architecture as well as health care and interior design. Stephen has led many noteworthy projects such as the Sheldon M Chumir Health Centre (Calgary) and the expansion and renovation of the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital with Diamond Schmitt Architects.

Stephen is a strong conceptual designer and leader and brings a creative energy and enthusiasm to the projects he is involved in and succeeds in facilitating a strong team spirit. Stephen understands the importance of listening to gain a true understanding of client and stakeholders objectives and directing these intentions to the team. Stephen is a LEED® Accredited Professional and had worked on numerous LEED® and sustainable design projects.

Wednesday, November 7 • 1:30pm-2:00pm • Complimentary (Pre-Registration Required) • TECHCENTRIC on the Tradeshow Floor  SOLD OUT

TC02 – 3D Printing SOLD OUT

[Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 0.5 CPDs • 0.5 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

3D Printing is a rapidly growing industry, which is taking the world by storm. This new wave of technology has the potential to change the way we design and construct buildings, which is motivating the exploration of this application as a tool that can improve project timelines and enhance the built environment. In this presentation, the speaker will highlight the practical application of 3D Printing expanding on the platforms being used present day and the different considerations that need to be taken into account in the adoption of its use.

There will be a live 3D Printing Demonstration during this session!

Kurtis J. McArthur

Kurtis J. McArthur, Journeyman Carpenter, Architectural Technologist, 3D Printing Enthusiast & AEC Tech Lover 

Kurtis is a Journeyman Carpenter, Architectural Technologist, Revit Specialist, 3D Printing Enthusiast and AEC Tech Lover. At the heart of it all, he’s a Designer & Carpenter looking to advance the methods used in residential construction; an industry that has been stagnant for years. By learning and applying new technologies, Kurtis hopes to increase the efficiency with which we design and develop the residential landscape.

Wednesday, November 7 • 1:45pm–2:45pm • $50 • Quarter Horse A/B

W15 – WELL and Wellspring Calgary – Cancer Support Through Healthy Buildings

[Culture & Community, Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 Health, Safety, Welfare Hour IDCEC Approved ]

WELL – the first standard of its kind to focus exclusively on the impact of the built environment on human health and wellness, has elevated human comfort to the forefront of building practices. With this ambition closely aligning with Wellspring Calgary’s mission of providing support, resources and programs to improve the lives of people living with cancer, Wellspring elected to pursue WELL certification for the new Randy O’Dell House.

A community resource centre for members diagnosed with cancer, their families and caregivers, the house is a unique makeup of space comprised of office and meeting rooms for Wellspring staff, a fitness facility, yoga room, art facility, treatment room, child minding area, a kitchen and several gathering spaces.

This session will discuss the process followed by the Randy O'Dell House team as they pursue WELL certification, from project inception, through design and into construction. Highlights of new building performance measures to consider, challenges faced and lessons learned will be discussed.

Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of the WELL standard and how it can be used to support the health and wellness of its users.

Niki Fehr

Erik Heck

Niki Fehr, Centre Manager, Wellspring Calgary
Erik Heck, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Mission Green Building 

Niki works with Wellspring Calgary, a Cancer Support Centre. She opened their temporary Southeast location in 2016 and is currently engaged in planning their permanent Randy O’Dell house in Seton, scheduled to open summer 2019. She has a passion for and commitment to, the creation of both physical and psychological safe spaces and communities for populations that have experienced trauma. Following graduate work in health and wellness organizations, dialogue, promoting international fair trade, and relations with Indigenous communities. Currently she works to help Wellspring Calgary ensure that individuals and families who are facing cancer have access to educational, psychological, social and emotional supports.

Erik is an experienced professional with a proven track record in green building consulting. During a 16-year career, Erik has acquired valuable experience in the design and construction of sustainable buildings and systems. As WELL accredited professional, Erik extends this focus to health and wellness in the built environment.

Wednesday, November 7 • 1:30pm–3:00pm • $60 • Palomino C

W16 – It’s High Time – Accounting for Cannabis in Design & Code – What You Need to Know

[Building Performance, Culture & Community, Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPDs • 1.5 AAA Structured LHs • 1.5 HSW-Building Code Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Another year has passed with a flurry of activity in the Canadian cannabis construction market in preparation for legalization. This joint presentation is an update to the 2017 BUILDEX presentation, outlining the evolving state of design of production facilities, and discussing local regulatory considerations and perspectives. 

Justin Pockar with the City of Calgary brings a unique regulatory perspective in both retail and growing operations, highlighting processes and considerations for both development and building permit aspects with The City of Calgary.

James Furlong of MCW Group has been involved in the design of numerous cannabis production facilities across Canada, and has been consulted by various municipal and provincial governments, safety code officials, industry associations, and standard-development groups across Canada as it pertains to issues related to the construction of these facilities.

James Furlong

Justin Pockar

James Furlong, Partner, MCW Hemisphere Ltd.
Justin Pockar, Energy and Environment Coordinator, City of Calgary

James Furlong is Managing Principal for MCW in Southern Alberta. He leads a multidisciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, energy and commissioning professionals. James has a background in mechanical technology and building science. James is an active design consultant on several medical marijuana production facilities. He presently serves as a director of the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance, is an industry advisor at SAIT and NAIT, and is a member of the CaGBC Faculty.

Prior to joining The City of Calgary Justin worked as a consultant, completing several projects certified to LEED Gold or better. As Energy and Environment Coordinator for Planning & Development at the City of Calgary, current responsibilities include administration and integration of sustainable design policies and technology into the approvals processes and built environment. He has authored several works, notably playing a role in the development of the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB), and contributing volumes for both ASHRAE and BIM Canada publications. In addition, he occupies positions on the Canada Green Building Council Alberta Board of Directors, the Standing Committee for Energy Efficiency at the National Research Council, and SAIT's Green Building Technology Centre Board.

Wednesday, November 7 • 1:45pm–2:45pm • $50 • Arabian A/B/C

W17 – Greening the Supply Chain: Green Materials & Healthy, Sustainable Buildings

[Building Performance, Green, Health & Wellness, Innovation & Technology]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Sustainability Hour IDCEC Approved ]

The built environment and the materials that go into it have significant impact on the health & wellness of those inhabiting a building. Furthermore, they can contribute to an asset’s lifecycle and value. An important part of the sustainable building equation is the greening of materials, not only for the health of the occupant, but for the overall health of the building.

This panel presentation will discuss the greening of the supply chain and how to navigate the selection and adoption of green materials as a building professional. Panelists will also discuss regulatory advancements and the resources available to help you pilot green material selection.

Interested in green materials? Be sure to visit the Green Materials Feature Area on the tradeshow floor for more resources.

Jeff Bell

Jeff Collins

Jay Taylor

Jesse Tufts

Jeff Bell, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Government of Alberta

Jeff Collins, Southern Alberta Sales Representative,  Euroshield Roofing
Jay Taylor, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Hexion Canada
Jesse Tufts, Research and Development Engineering Lead, All Weather Windows

Jeff Bell currently works as the Senior Sector Lead, Renewable Technologies for the Ministry Economic Development and Trade. In this role he supports relationship building and partnership development in technology areas including clean energy, innovative construction technologies, smart transportation and bio-industrial technologies.

His diverse background includes international work in academia, private sector, not-for-profits and the public sector. He has a long-standing interest in clean technology, sustainable buildings and urban planning.

Prior to his current role he worked for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry where he supported local and international companies in their efforts to grow their businesses using renewable feedstocks for energy, chemicals and materials applications. Before that he spent three years at Alberta Energy developing policies and regulations to support a broad suite of renewable and alternative energy technologies. He has also worked for various environmental non-profits, a trade association for the co-generation industry and a publishing company that specialized in clean energy.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Jeff’s educational background includes a Master of Environmental Studies from Dalhousie University and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Conservation Sciences from University of Alberta.

Jay Taylor has BSc and MSc degrees in Forestry. He joined Hexion (formerly known as Borden Chemicals) in 2001 and has held positions in Technical Sales, Research and Development and Regional Management. Jay is currently a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, where he supports manufacturing and R&D projects focused on new product development, improving efficiency and reducing waste. Jay is the Six Sigma project leader for Hexion’s North American Lignin Project, a project focused on incorporating lignin into engineered wood products adhesives.


Wednesday, November 7 • 1:45pm–2:45pm • $50 • The PerformEX Stage on the Tradeshow Floor

W19 – Next Generation District Energy Systems

[Building Performance, Culture & Community, Green, Innovation & Technology]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Sustainability Hour IDCEC Approved ]

District energy systems are gaining momentum across North America. However, the traditional "heating Use of district energy systems is gaining momentum across North America. This trend, led by institutional campuses, such as universities or hospitals, and larger-scale commercial developments is being spurred by a wide variety of drivers ranging from performance improvements to existing steam or hot water networks, to more ambitious new systems targeting full transition to renewable and zero-carbon energy sources and technologies.

As the traditional approach to district energy “heating only” service no longer meets the current trends, needs and goals of our society, Integral Group has developed several innovative “next generation” district energy solutions. These systems not only provide both heating and cooling, but are flexible enough to accommodate to a multitude of “low-carbon” and “low-exergy” sources and energy conversion technologies. These “next generation” district energy systems are technically sound, have stellar environmental performance (some capable of achieving Net Zero Carbon), and are cost competitive.

This presentation outlines the approach and methodology Integral Group has developed and used successfully for next generation district energy systems. The speaker will illustrate these applications on several case studies of district energy projects currently in various stages of design and construction.

Vladimir Mikler

Vladimir Mikler, Prinicipal, Integral Group

Vladimir has a passion for designing energy-efficient and environmentally responsive buildings. With 30 years of experience, Vladimir is well-versed in all aspects of sustainable building design and renewable energy technologies. A recognized leader in application of Renewable Energy solutions and technologies, Vladimir has designed a number of unique and innovative systems, including the recent concept for converting Vancouver's downtown DFPs system into an ambient temperature District Energy System. He is the engineer who developed and coined the "Ambient Temperature" District Energy System concept, and was one of the first engineers who pioneered applications of low-intensity radiant slab heating and cooling systems in North America. Vladimir is one of the two original authors of the Geo-Exchange System Design Guidelines for applications in British Columbia.

Wednesday, November 7 • 2:30pm–3:00pm • Complimentary (Pre-Registration Required)  • TECHCENTRIC on the Tradeshow Floor

TC03 – The Future of Mobility Technology: Electric Vehicles, The Sharing Economy, and Autonomous Cars

[Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 0.5 CPDs ]

Cars are set to change more in the next couple of decades than they have since their inception. New technologies in mobility will not only impact the automotive industry, but will alter the way we design and construct the urban and built environment. Attend this chat for an update on the mobile technologies that are available present day, in addition to the advancements coming down the pipe that will have transformative effects on the way we design the urban and built environment.

Kae Shummoogum

Kae Shummoogum, P.Eng, CEO, Gasonic Group Ltd.

Kae Shummoogum P.Eng has an Engineering Degree from City University in London, England and came to Canada 38 years ago. He founded Gasonic Instruments 33 years ago to service a growing need for hazardous gas detection and indoor air quality monitoring. He founded EnviroRentals in 1995 to rent environmental testing instruments for both indoor and outdoor environmental consultants. He became passionate about reducing his carbon footprint and set up several business units under the rebrand name of Gasonic Group to pursue energy efficiency goals as well as health and safety of building air quality. Although he makes his living monitoring the toxic gases from vehicles inside parkades, he has been driving hybrid and fully electric vehicles for the last 20 years. He is often asked by schools to teach grade 5 students about 'The Future of Mobility'. He has been invited to show his Tesla electric vehicle in front of Calgary City Hall to teach hundreds of school kids about EV technology. His concern about mercury filled fluorescent lights ending in the landfill and pollute the air and water or the next generation has led him to search for a proper recycle plant and develop the logistics to collect spent lights from the schools, universities and municipalities with sustainability concern for the next generation. Thousands of lights have been completely and properly recycle.

Wednesday, November 7 • 3:00pm–4:00pm • $50 • Palomino A/B

W20 – Driving Social Change in Business and Design

[Culture & Community, Health & Wellness, Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Barrier Free Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Ten years ago, social innovation and social enterprise were foreign concepts. Why would a business care about anything other than making money? Now, the pendulum has swung the other way. As socially innovative products and companies began to crop up, corporations started to wake up to a new reality. Today’s consumers are not only demanding that companies do good, they are using their dollars to prove that corporate social responsibility and social innovation can fuel massive growth.

In this talk, Luke Anderson explains the rise of StopGap, the social innovation project he founded that has changed the conversation around accessibility and inclusivity in Toronto. Luke will introduce your audience to the concept of social enterprise and how it has the capacity to unite business and social change. He will share the moving story of the accident that inspired StopGap, and how great ideas often come from a place of need. And, he will reveal how and why businesses must embrace the mindset of social innovation to succeed.

Success can be found on a spreadsheet, says Luke. But it can also be found in your community. When businesses take on the challenges facing the people around them, real change can—and will—happen.

Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson, Founder, StopGap Foundation, Engineer and Social Innovator

After Luke Anderson sustained a spinal cord injury while mountain biking, the active and adventurous world he once inhabited was no longer accessible to him—and neither were many places and events in his city. An engineer by trade, he began to develop brightly-coloured ramps businesses could install at little to no cost. The Ramp Project and StopGap Foundation were born—and they began to change the conversation around accessibility and inclusivity in our cities. Luke’s inspiring talks on social innovation, cities, design, and entrepreneurship are highly sought-after for their poignance, their timeliness, and their ability to get audiences up on their feet, ready to make a change.

Luke Anderson is the founder of the StopGap Foundation. The organization’s volunteer-run Community Ramp Projects open up previously inaccessible spaces and build awareness about how we don’t need to look far for examples of barriers to access—they are often right at our doorsteps.

A civil engineer and outdoor enthusiast, Luke sustained a spinal cord injury in 2002 while mountain biking in British Columbia. When he returned to work in Toronto, his frustration with the built environment came to a boil after encountering one too many inaccessible storefronts. StopGap is building brightly-coloured single-step ramps to not only increase accessibility, but also to start a conversation about the importance of an inclusive society. The project has had early success in Toronto, and is building grassroots support in communities from coast to coast. An amazing thing happens when these ramps show up in a neighbourhood; people don’t just notice who has a ramp, they notice who doesn’t have a ramp. As soon as they ask why, they stop contributing to the problem and become part of the solution.

Luke regularly speaks about accessibility in the media and on behalf of the Rick Hansen Foundation. StopGap has been featured in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, CityTV, Global News, CBC, CTV’s Canada AM and many other outlets across the country.