2016 BUILDEX Edmonton Program Day 2

Seminars have been approved for educational credits with the following organizations:

  • AAA = Alberta Association of Architects
  • BOMI = BOMI Canada
  • IDCEC = Interior Design Continuing Education Council

To obtain educational credits, you will need to fill out available forms onsite and have them verified by conference staff.

Seminar Legend:
 – Architecture
BC – Building Code
CO – Construction & Renovation
EN – Engineering
ID – Interior Design
PD – Professional Development
PM – Property Management
SB – Sustainability

Wednesday, March 16 • 8:00am–10:00am • EARLY BIRD $55 / REGULAR $65 • ROOM 108

W01 – Energy Provisions in the Alberta Building Code

[AR, BC, EN, CO, ID, SB]

[ 2.0 AAA Structured LHs; 2.0 BOMI CPDs; 0.2 IDCEC HSW-Building Code CEUs ]

New energy efficiency requirements for housing and small buildings come into force May 1 of 2016. Get ahead of the game and attend this presentation to learn about the energy provisions that will arise under section 9.36 of the Alberta Building Code over the next year.

Providing an overview of the new energy efficiency requirements, speaker Murray Frank, will address how to adhere to these changes correctly and economically. Taking a case study approach, Murray will present first hand practical knowledge on compliance paths and touch on the trials and tribulations derived from provinces that have already gone through this transition.

Murray Frank

Murray Frank, President, Constructive Home Solutions

Murray Frank of Constructive Home Solutions Inc. delivers this presentation on behalf of the Homeowner Protection Office. Mr. Frank is recognized as a premier building envelope specialist in British Columbia and has been instrumental in the development of the understanding of moisture problems relating to single family and multi-unit residential buildings. He performs building envelope design and assessments, and has integrated many new technologies into recent client projects. He has been an instructor at colleges in Vancouver and Victoria, and has developed a series of educational seminars for various groups including the Homeowner Protection Office that have been attended by over 22,000 licensed builders, building officials and industry professionals over the past nine years. Mr. Frank is a founding member and Past President of the British Columbia Building Envelope Council.

Wednesday, March 16 • 8:30am-9:30am • EARLY BIRD $45 / REGULAR $55 • ROOM 107A

W16 – P3s – Learning’s of Public/Private Partnerships


[ 1.5 BOMI CPDs ]

With a new government in tow that has a renewed commitment to fueling the economy through infrastructure investment and job creation, public and private projects are top of mind for Alberta’s construction industry. Attend this presentation to hear the learning’s from some of Alberta’s most significant P3 projects. Taking a case study approach, presenters will highlight the client’s driver for picking P3, what makes a successful proposal, best practices for delivery and where P3 is headed in Alberta.

Kees Cusveller

Brad Smid

Kees Cusveller, Vice President, Alternate Project Delivery, Graham
Brad Smid, Valley Line Project Director, LRT Design & Construction Infrastructure Services, City of Edmonton

Wednesday, March 16 • 8:30am–11:30am • EARLY BIRD $100 / REGULAR $125 • ROOM 104

W02 – Contract Management Planning and Implementation

[AR, CO, EN, ID, PM]

[ 3.0 AAA Structured LHs; 3.0 BOMI CPDs; 0.3 IDCEC CEUs ]

This presentation will provide an overview of the best practices in Contract Management Planning and Implementation. This involves the understanding of specific planning and procurement activities including Project Scope Definition, Solicitation Planning and Process, Vendor Evaluation and Selection, Contract Award, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.

This presentation will include an overview of the following topic areas:

  • An Introduction to Basic Contract Law
  • Canadian Trade Agreements
  • Business Case Planning (Checklist)
  • Project Scope and Procurement Planning
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Market Identification
  • Risk Management
  • Solicitation Types and Planning
  • Evaluation of Tenders / Quotes and Proposals
  • Pre-Award Discussions and /or Negotiations
  • Key Components of a Contract Statement of Work
  • Contract Monitoring and Evaluation

Court Stevens

Court Stevens, Principal, Stevens Consulting Group Inc.

Court Stevens is the President of Stevens Consulting Group Inc., based in Victoria BC. His company provides training courses on the best practices of business and management processes associated with all phases of procurement management. This includes Contract Management Planning and Implementation, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Preparing Well-Written Proposals, and Negotiating Effectively.

Court has been directly associated with procurement and contract management, both as a project manager for various Canadian military equipment procurement projects and as a consultant and instructor for over 25 years.

Court was one of the primary designers and instructors of the BC government’s award winning Procurement and Contract Management Program.His organizational and professional development education includes the following:

  • Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership and Management
  • Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education
  • Graduate of the Canadian Army Command and Staff College