2018 BUILDEX Edmonton Program Day 1

Seminars have been approved for educational credits with:

To obtain educational credits, you will need to fill out available forms onsite and have them verified by conference staff. Details on how to submit credits are specified on forms.

Seminar Streams:

  • Building Code & Envelope Solutions
  • Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment
  • Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management
  • New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials
  • Professional & Personal Skills Development
  • Project Planning, Management & Best Practices
  • Health & Wellness
  • Facility Management & Building Maintenance
  • Property Management
  • Business & Strategic Planning
  • Urban & Community Planning

Tuesday, March 20 • 9:00am–10:00am • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 102

T02 – Canadian Healthcare Design Options for Suspended Ceilings

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1.0 HSW Hour IDCEC Approved ]

This seminar examines the guidelines for designing Health Care Facilities in Canada. The speaker will review the Canadian reference standards – Z8000-11 and Z317.13-07; the terminology used; and the variety of possible different usages within a medical facility. The speaker will discuss sound control, requirements for patient, semi-restricted, dietary and laundry areas. The seminar will go into detail on the criteria to provide ceilings that prevent the habitation and spread of viruses and bacteria.

In addition, the speaker will expand on the P3 process in which many healthcare projects are delivered, providing a basic understanding for the design professionals involved in these types of projects.

Gale LeBlanc

Gale LeBlanc, BID, NCIDQ, CTR, LEED GA, Architectural Solutions Representative, CGC

CGC Architectural Representative Gale LeBlanc is a passionate champion of design education whose multiple design credentials include a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from The University of Manitoba, NCIDQ certification, Certified Technical Representative (CTR/CSC) and LEED Green Associate status. She is a 2016 recipient of USG's President’s Club award, presented to an elite group of high performers within the USG/CGC group. Gale is a core member of CGC's Canada-wide architectural team, empowered to deliver a range of education presentations and technical industry briefings focusing on acoustical ceilings and gypsum assemblies. She is a volunteer Industry Member at Large with the Interior Designers of Alberta (IDA) Executive Board, and volunteer Executive Council member with Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) Calgary Chapter, Chairing the 2017-18 IGNITE Student Competition for Mount Royal Interior Design & SAIT Architectural Technologists.

Tuesday, March 20 • 9:00am–10:00am • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 103

T03 – My Building Says What? Aligning Culture and Brand with Space through Effective Space Planning

[Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Professional & Personal Skills Development; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Health & Wellness; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management; Business & Strategic Planning ]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Whether intentional or accidental, space tells a story.

In planning renovations or new buildings, spaces speak volumes about the culture, values and brand of the company who use it. During this seminar, the speaker will hone in on three areas: how to determine the message sent by buildings, how to determine the culture and values of the people within an organization, and how to align the building with culture to strengthen the organization's brand.

This session applies to anyone who designs, manages or owns space, whether public or private.

Joylyn Teskey

Joylyn Teskey, Owner, Noun Consulting

Joylyn has over fourteen years’ experience as both an architect, working on major construction, renovations, planning and programming, and as an owner, working as an owner’s representative and planner at two Alberta post-secondary institutions. She opened Noun Consulting in 2017 to take space planning to a new level, using storytelling and big data to make space plans with ROI.

Tuesday, March 20 • 9:30am–10:30am • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 107A

T04 – The “Doctor” is Concerned – Identifying and Addressing Building Envelope Issues in Condominiums

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Professional & Personal Skills Development; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Health
& Wellness; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours ]

The buildings, usually 3-5 storey structures and generally built within the past ten years, look great. Nice stucco finishes with brick veneer, siding or concrete tile accents, interesting roof lines, columns supporting spacious balconies and landscaping right up to the base of the building. For first time buyers and downsizers, this type of community appears to be just what the doctor ordered.

When the symptoms start to appear, they seem benign enough. Some swollen baseboards, some leaking at the windows, maybe a bit of an odour or a stain that was not there before. Kind of like having a headache and hoping that aspirin will do the trick, corporations dispatch their handymen to touch-up the paint, maybe put a bit of caulking on, reattach the piece of cladding that is dislodged. And this goes on for a few years, but nothing improves. They still have their headache and the aspirin is not working. The speaker will go into detail on how to identify and address the symptoms of these buildings, providing first hand knowledge on the most commonly occurring and problematic situations.  

Brian Shedden

Brian Shedden, Principal, Entuitive

At Entuitive, Brian Shedden is a Principal in the building envelope services group, delivering assessment and restoration services for a broad range of project types. With a career spanning over 30 years in the building construction and restoration industry, Brian provides enclosure consultation and design for occupied buildings, condominiums, hospitals and long-term care facilities, schools and universities, high-rise commercial and residential buildings, and cultural projects. His operational experience covers project delivery from start to finish: initial building condition assessments and performance failure investigations; reserve fund studies; building condition assessments; recommendations for restoration and renewal of building envelope systems; and facility with project administration tasks including litigation support and expert witness services.

Tuesday, March 20 • 9:30am–11:00am • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • ROOM 108

T05 – Passive House: A Primer on High Performance 

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPD • 1.5 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1.5 HSW-Sustainability Hours IDCEC Approved ]

Passive House designs are ultra-efficient, affordable and healthy buildings that can transform our built environment. Building professionals, developers, manufacturers, and public officials alike are all turning to the Passive House standard to deliver high performance buildings and differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. This shift is starting to alter the Canadian construction industry. This seminar will explore the fundamental principles and practices behind Passive House, the world's leading high performance building standard, and reveal how it's spreading across Alberta. The speaker will also shine light on the benefits of offsite construction and the integration of Passive House design.

Rob Bernhardt

Rob Bernhardt, CEO, Passive House Canada 

As CEO of Passive House Canada, Rob works to advance building energy efficiency. A certified Passive House consultant and the developer of several certified Passive House projects, Rob is familiar with the economic and social advantages of high performance buildings. As a participant in numerous policy development initiatives he is familiar with the challenges facing regulators as they seek to meet climate change objectives. Rob works with Passive House Canada’s members, governments and industry organizations to make high performance buildings the norm.


Tuesday, March 20 • 10:00am–12:00pm • Early Bird $55/Regular $65 • PerformEX Stage

T06 – Building Renewable Energy Beyond Photovoltaics: Targets, Metrics and Trends 

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices;
Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 2.0 CPD • 2 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 2 HSW-Sustainability Hours IDCEC Approved ]

The time is right to consider integrating alternate and renewable energy into buildings of today and all future buildings constructed. With the federal renewable energy targets, compliance to NECB, and every individual’s responsibility to preserve our planet and its resources, the opportunity to begin transforming the way we use energy has never been greater.

This session will offer an introduction to various alternate and renewable energy systems, including:

  • Photovoltaic installations
  • Solar concentrated hot water plants
  • Solar hot water installation
  • Biomass and landfill
  • Natural gas in CCHP installations
  • Fuel cell installations
  • Run-off the river hydro
  • Wind generation

An overview of capital and operational expenditure will be provided, as well as trends and selection metrics to assist professionals in making informed decisions. Following this presentation, participants will understand:

  • Renewable targets for 2020, 2030 and 2050 in Alberta.
  • Achievable renewable energy options for the built environment.
  • Metrics for selecting the most suitable option.

Sunny Ghataurah

Mo Khan

Trina Larsen

Sunny Ghataurah, P.Eng., P.E., CLD, CTS, LEED AP BD+C, President, AES Engineering
Mo Khan, P.Eng., BSc Eng (S.A.), Senior Associate, AES Engineering
Trina Larsen, P.Eng., M.Sc., LEED AP BD+C, Senior Managing Associate, AES Engineering

Sunny Ghataurah is President of AES Engineering, one of the largest electrical engineering firms in Western Canada. He is an electrical engineer and lighting designer, licensed in BC, AB & Washington State, with more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry. His skills in designing electrical and architectural lighting systems have been applied to hundreds of buildings across many sectors, including healthcare, education, hospitality, civic, recreational, retail, corporate office, industrial and residential.

Sunny’s projects have won numerous awards including Awards of Merit from the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia (ACEC-BC), and a 2016 Special Citation and a 2015 Award of Excellence for Interior Lighting Design from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES).

A passionate pioneer of sustainable design, Sunny’s portfolio includes 100+ LEED projects, 3 Living Buildings and several renewable energy projects. Recognized as an industry thought leader, Sunny was invited to speak at the Alberta Electrical Inspectors Conference, BUILDEX Calgary, BUILDEX Edmonton, IES Edmonton and the Alberta Safety Codes Council.

Mo Khan is a Senior Associate and the resident renewable energy specialist at AES Engineering having designed and commissioned numerous photovoltaic installation projects. Mo has over 18 years of electrical engineering experience and has pushed the boundaries of green and sustainable buildings, incorporating PV technology into corporate office, data centre and training facilities project throughout South Africa, where he was previously Director of OneZero Consulting. Locally, he has completed PV feasibility studies for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and is in the process of implementing solutions for three of their sites. Mo strives for innovation, energy-efficiency, technological advancement and professionalism on all his projects.

Trina Larsen is the Senior Managing Associate of AES Engineering’s Edmonton office. Trina has contributed to the Edmonton landscape with a portfolio focusing on the sustainable electrical design of new buildings, renovations and project planning for over 20 years. Trina loves being able to contribute to City place-making through projects as diverse as the Edmonton Funicular and exterior lighting policy development, from heritage building preservation to new landmarks like the Royal Alberta Museum, Kaye Edmonton Clinic and Sigmar Centre for Learning at NorQuest College. Trina relishes in the opportunity to bring diverse groups of people together toward a common goal – develop beautifully designed spaces that offer occupant comfort, ease of maintenance, and low energy consumption.

Trina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Physics and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Saskatchewan. She is a past president of Section 79 of the IESNA, and served on the IES commissioning committee for Design Guide 29-11.

Tuesday, March 20 • 10:30am–11:30am • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 102

T07 – The Experience Index: How Are Experience & Innovation Linked, and Why It Matters

[Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Health & Wellness; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

In our world of ultra-convenient technology, how do we bring people together to drive innovation? With compelling and meaningful experiences in well-designed spaces.

The Gensler Experience Index seeks to uncover the universal drivers of great experiences by providing quantifiable connections between innovation, design and positive business outcomes.

This presentation will begin by outlining why understanding experience is important and the methodology used to explore this topic.  Next the speaker will discuss key findings of the research, particularly the modes of experience and how that influences how we perceive space. The speaker will provide an overview on how this knowledge influences design and how we as designers can create meaningful experiences.

Kevin Katigbak

Kevin Katigbak, Senior Workplace Strategist, Gensler

Kevin is an architectural and planning strategist with 12+ years experience in the residential, commercial, public and institutional, government, corporate and healthcare sectors. 

His work focuses on analysis and development of interiors, building, master plan and real estate strategies with a focus on functionality, efficiency, innovation sustainability and change management.

Specialties include:

  • Alternative work environments and mobile work strategy
  • Building and site program development, program compliance
  • Building, site and master planning strategy development
  • Building and site needs assessments
  • Strategic real estate portfolio optimization
  • Change management strategy
  • Ethnographic research, industry and demographic research

Tuesday, March 20 • 10:30am–11:30am • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 103

T08 – Contentious Construction Contract Clauses: Traps and Pitfalls to be Aware Of

[Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

This session will present commonly encountered provisions in construction contracts that give rise to legal disputes. The speakers will expand on: (i) delays and default, (ii) design risk for non-design build contracts, (iii) pay-when-paid clauses, (iv) indemnity and limitation clauses, and (v) site condition clauses. Legal risks and the disputes arising from those risks will be discussed, providing a short, clear, concise overview of how Canadian courts and arbitrators have interpreted some of these provisions.

Peter Gibson

Ryan Krushelnitsky

Peter Gibson, Partner, Field Law
Ryan Krushelnitsky, Partner, Field Law

Peter Gibson's practice is predominantly in insurance law where he has experience in coverage disputes, defending claims and pursuing subrogated matters. extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution by judicial mediation and private mediation and arbitration.

Clients turn to Peter to protect their interest in litigation arising in a wide variety of contexts, including:

  • Major construction projects
  • Industrial accidents, fires and fatality claims
  • Employment relations
  • Personal injury
  • Defamation
  • Liability of professionals, municipalities, governments, schools, occupiers, hospitals, manufacturers and retailers

Ryan Krushelnitzky is a litigator in the construction law areas. With a Ph.D. in civil engineering, Ryan's engineering background assists him in dealing with the complex technical and practical issues faced by his construction clients.

Ryan has acted for both construction contractors and owners in a wide range of areas, including: contractual disputes over progress and payment, delays, lost productivity, builders' liens, construction deficiencies, tendering, and insurance/bonding. Ryan also assists his clients with contract review and general advice on construction related matters, with experience in industrial and commercial construction related projects.

Tuesday, March 20 • 11:00am–12:00pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 107A

T09 – Future Proofing Construction Companies: A Case Study on How a Four-Letter Word Turned into Double Digit Profit

[New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials; Professional & Personal Skills Development; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Recent market pressures have forced construction in Alberta to begin an evolution of sorts with technology and alternative delivery models playing a lead role. We know that things need to change for our industry to thrive... but what happens beyond the buzzwords of BIM and IPD?

This session will tell the story of how a 20-year old Edmonton Contractor quickly transformed from a traditional, "old school" subcontractor to a Lean leader in their industry. The presenters will share steps of the evolution, from a philosophical shift inside leadership to infusing Lean throughout the corporate culture.

Going beyond textbook and theory, this session will offer attendees more than the standard slide deck and flip charts. Real examples of success and failure will provide a framework for the presentation with emphasis placed on the key elements employed and the tools deployed.

Attendees will leave this presentation with valuable takeaway tools in addition to a story of a company that radically changed the way it worked - nearly doubling its project volume per employee and now reaping the rewards of an enduring competitive advantage. A new paradigm of "what is possible" will inspire you to make change within your own sphere of influence.

Dennis Cuku

Adam Richardson

Dennis Cuku, President, Revision One Performance Partners
Adam Richardson, President, Tempest Fire Protection

As a visionary entrepreneur, Dennis operates on the manifesto that Normal is Broken - believing strongly that capitalism need not come at the expense of human values, environmental sustainability or personal happiness. He has founded of a number of startups including the Mosaic Centre, the Mosaic Family of Companies, Oil Country Engineering and now Revision One.

Dennis' most recognized project, The Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community and Commerce, was completed in February 2015 and is the crown jewel of sustainable building in Alberta - an example of Alberta's oil and gas abundance igniting innovative, sustainable projects. With this project, he helped pioneer the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) movement in Alberta - a holistic contract model that is gaining momentum in a marketplace desperately seeking a Better Way.

Dennis is a mechanical engineer with expertise in lean and corporate culture change. His passion lies in the arena of sustainability - in the form of the built environment as well as the methods and strategies for improvement of the quality of life.

Tempest Fire Protection was founded in 1997 by Adam's father, Jack Richardson, on the idea that Alberta construction needed a high-integrity, relationship-focused fire protection company. Jack was determined to build a reputable company known for a job well done and based on the trust of a handshake. In 2014, Adam completed the acquisition of the family-run Tempest and fully transitioned into leadership after 12 years in the field and office.

In 2016 Adam embraced the challenges of a changing business landscape and the pervasive ineffectiveness of traditional construction to formalize a Continuous Improvement initiative. By combining the in-house expertise of the fire protection industry with the wisdom of the Toyota Production System, Adam led his team to create a recipe for success.

Rooted in the principles of lean construction, Adam now spends much of his time sharing the Tempest Way with other owners and construction professionals to improve the way projects are delivered.


Tuesday, March 20 • 11:00am–12:00pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 109

T10 – Developer’s Roundtable

[Professional & Personal Skills Development; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Property Management; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ 1.0 BOMI CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hour ]

This presentation will provide an overview of proposed and existing development projects in the City and surrounding areas, touching on different property sectors such as industrial, office, multi-residential and retail. Esteemed panelists will discuss market trends, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that exist for the local marketplace. Panelists will provide a future forward look, sharing insights on changing market demands and what to expect over the coming year.

Anand Pye

Kris Augustson

David Hennessey

Hilary Lumme

Ryan Smith

Anand Pye, Executive Director, NAIOP Edmonton

Kris Augustson, ‎Vice President of Leasing and Land Sales, Remington Development Corporation
David Hennessey, Senior Leasing Manager, First Capital Realty
Hilary Lumme, Vice President, Katz Group Real Estate
Ryan Smith, Principal, Inhouse by Beaverbrook

Anand Pye is the Executive Director of NAIOP Edmonton, an international association for commercial real estate developers. There, he leads the organization’s advocacy agenda, connecting developers with political and administrative leaders in the Edmonton Region. He also coordinates the creation of education programs in commercial real estate, and leads the creation of over a dozen large networking and other events a year.


Tuesday, March 20 • 11:30am–1:00pm • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • ROOM 108

T11 – Passive House MURBs: Cold Climate Applications

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPD • 1.5 AAA Structured Learning Hours ]

The international Passive House building standard offers designers the path to the highest level of energy efficiency possible. Applying this standard in cold Canadian climates, like Edmonton, and to multi-family building projects comes with a unique set of challenges. Certified Passive House Consultant, Stuart Fix, P.Eng., of ReNu Engineering will offer a window into this world, using BC Housing's 50 Unit Passive House apartment complex in Fort St. John, BC, as a case study.

Stuart Fix

Stuart Fix, Principal, ReNü Engineering

Stuart is a professional mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in building science and holds certification as a Passive House Consultant both internationally and in North America. He was a founder of Passive Buildings Canada and sits on the Passive House Institute US’s technical committee. Stuart is an accomplished technical designer and an experienced contributor to inter-disciplinary groups in a global setting, having consulted on over 500 high performance building projects across Canada.


Tuesday, March 20 • 12:00pm–1:00pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 103

T12 – Cyber Security, Business Continuity Planning, and Risk Management

[Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials; Professional & Personal Skills Development; Facility Management & Building Maintenance;
Property Management; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

In today's world of constant Cyber Security threats, it’s more important than ever to have a business continuity strategy in place. It is equally important to educate your employees on how to look for potential cyber security threats. In this seminar, the speaker will address these and other important questions: What can you train your employee to look for? What measures can you take to mitigate potential risks? What questions should you be asking yourself as you put a business continuity plan in place? With the continued transition to more and more technological platforms and tools, cybersecurity is of eminent importance both as an individual and a corporation.

Madan Murthy

Madan Murthy, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, AbleIT

Madan has over 15 years of technology experience, having worked in many different areas within the technology world. Cyber security and business continuity planning has been a passion and practice of his for many years. Apart from having held leadership roles within Technology organizations for the last 15 years, Madan has had the opportunity to diversify his experience in other sectors such as Construction and Oil & Gas.

Madan has spoken at major events such as the Drilling Safety Leadership Forum in 2012, and the Arctic Oil and Gas Symposium in 2013.


Tuesday, March 20 • 12:30pm–1:30pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 107A

T13 – An Introduction to Fitwell

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials; Health & Wellness; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

In 2016, the Fitwel standard emerged as a cost-effective, market-ready tool, which takes evidence-based medical research and transforms it into actionable steps designers can use to positively impact health across the built environment. This session will introduce this standard and how it can be employed across various project types, specifically addressing how Fitwel impacts seven key health impact categories: healthy eating, safety, active design, equity, feelings of wellness, community, and productivity.

In part one of this presentation, the speaker will look at the drivers behind why tools like Fitwel exist. The presenter will provide an overview of the Center for Active Design (CfAD), the purveyors of Fitwel, and their decade of research and development into employing "active" design. This session will include a deep dive into who is using Fitwel, certification costs, and how it is administered on a project.

The second part of the presentation explores the standard, section by section. Audience members will gain insight into the scope of a Fitwel project and potential strategies, in addition to overlap areas with similar systems such as WELL and LEEDv4. To conclude, the presenter will talk about his personal experience aiding the certification of 3 projects (Stantec Boston, Toronto, and Denver) and the outcomes associated with this effort.

Blake Jackson

Blake Jackson, Sustainability Design Leader, Stantec

Blake is a passionate architect who specializes in designing and implementing stewardship (sustainability, wellness, and resiliency) for a variety of projects and industries. He brings a great deal of creative energy to his work, and he's well-versed in Fitwel, WELL, and LEED certifications.

Believing that every project presents an important stewardship opportunity, Blake works closely with clients and designers to develop beautiful, cost-effective, and user-focused strategies. Rather than applying stewardship concepts late in the process, Blake's design approach intertwines stewardship and architectural concepts, realized through early visioning, charrettes, and identifying cost-sharing and offsetting opportunities.

Blake is an internationally-published author and prolific speaker. He enjoys conducting original research and gaining insight into corporate social responsibility. He's lectured at the Boston Architectural College, and in 2015, he was recognized as a 40 Under 40 by BD+C Magazine. Outside the office, he spends time training for marathons and traveling the world. He's also an unapologetic metalhead and an aspiring novelist.

Tuesday, March 20 • 12:30pm–1:30pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 102

T14 – Materials Matter in LEED v4

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials; Professional & Personal Skills Development; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Materials and Resources is the most heavily revised category in LEED v4. Design and construction professionals must relearn the requirements for credit compliance to implement the new strategies effectively.

This session will delve into the details, challenges, and key considerations of the new LEED v4 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization (BPDO) and Low-emitting Material requirements. The presenter will highlight lessons learned from real project work in relation to LEED v4.

Participants will receive practical information to support the implementation of LEED v4 by:

  • Understanding the requirements of the Materials & Resources BPDO credits
  • Identifying the additional requirements for Low-emitting Materials credit compliance
  • Learning how to meet the credits by using disclosure and transparency tools

Marsha Gentile

Marsha Gentile, Director, Sustainability, Ledcor Construction Limited

Marsha Gentile was one of the first in Canada to graduate from the National Sustainable Building Advisors program. She has 15 years of hands-on experience with LEED projects across Canada and the United States. Marsha is a member of the LEED Canada Steering Committee and is well-known as a green construction advocate having presented at over 40 conferences and learning institutions. Marsha is very proud to have been a past recipient of the Vancouver Regional Construction Association's Educator of the Year Award.

Tuesday, March 20 • 1:30pm–3:00pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 108

T15 – Passive House HVAC: The Parts & Pieces of a Whole Lot of Energy Savings

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPD • 1.5 AAA Structured Learning Hours ]

Passive House has changed the way we look at buildings, not just from an energy perspective, but from a holistic approach to health, comfort and resiliency. This session will explore the details of what a Passive House HVAC system looks like, and how it impacts these elements in achieving your goals for both new buildings, and retrofitted old ones.

Barry Stephens

Barry Stephens, Regional Sales Manager, Ventacity

Barry Stephens is the Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Ventacity Systems, Inc. He joined Ventacity, a startup manufacturer of very high performance, Passive House certifed HRVs, in March 2016. Prior to joining Ventacity he spent 15 years at Zehnder America, Inc. as the National Sales & Marketing Manager, and later as Business Development & Technology Director. Zehnder is a global leader in manufacturing heat recovery ventilation systems based in Granichen, Switzerland. He led the introduction of Zehnder systems in North America, and was involved with design, installation and commissioning of these systems in projects across North America, including Solar Decathlon teams, NZE homes, Passive House projects, schools, multi-family Passive House and other very high performance buildings. He has presented at conferences across North America since 2010.


Tuesday, March 20 • 1:30pm–2:30pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 103

T16 – Public Relations: The Missing Piece in Your Marketing Strategy

[Professional & Personal Skills Development; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Vancouver and East-Coast based firms get a lot of media attention – some say, more than they deserve. It has been noted that Alberta Architecture & Design firms have focused marketing efforts on RFP production and advertising, perhaps in the hopes that the projects themselves will attract the public and strengthen the firm's reputation. Unsurprisingly, Albertan projects rarely make it to the front pages of high-profile publications. This situation is especially true for smaller firms.

This presentation will introduce the audience to three Public Relations tactics: media relations, speaking engagements, and social media. As these three key PR tactics entail so much more than spamming journalists with emails, lecturing the peers that already know your practice, and having an intern sharing funny cat pictures and retweeting aimlessly, learning how to best approach these tasks is a fundamental step to showcasing a firm's work. This presentation will provide you with basics you need to know to get your projects in front of the right people.

Ximena Gonzalez

Ximena Gonzalez, Founder, Converge Communications

Ximena holds a Bachelor's degree of Architecture and a Master's degree of Environmental Design from the University of Calgary. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Ximena has first hand knowledge of the challenges faced by Architecture & Design firms when it comes to showcasing their work. Her Public Relations agency, Converge Communications, is helping small Albertan firms to overcome these challenges.

Tuesday, March 20 • 2:00pm–3:00pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 102

T18 – Energy-Savvy Organizations – Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Business, Non-Profit, and Institutional Energy Savings Program

[Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials; Professional & Personal Skills Development; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 Health, Safety, Welfare Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Organizations throughout the province are working with Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Business, Non-Profit, and Institutional Energy Savings Program (BNI) to make upgrades to high-efficiency lighting, HVAC, and water heating. These savvy organizations are decreasing their overall energy use and saving money.

Concluding it’s first year this March, the program has been met with overwhelming interest and results, saving businesses energy and money. This presentation will share the results and lessons learned to date. The speaker will expand upon what changes can be expected for the coming year.

The session will provide case study examples from some tech-savvy Alberta businesses, non-profits and institutions – the challenges they faced, the actions taken to find a better solution, and the benefits attained.

D.M. Stoneman

D.M. Stoneman, Business, Non-profit and Institutional Energy Savings Program, ICF

D.M. Stoneman, MREM, CEM, is dedicated to building long-term sustainable and renewable energy policies. His professional and academic backgrounds outline his commitment to the province’s energy future.

At ICF, D.M. is Program Manager, leading the new Business, Non-Profit, and Institutional in coordination with Energy Efficiency Alberta and the Alberta Climate Change Office. The program has been well received by stakeholders who have participated in far greater numbers than expected.

Tuesday, March 20 • 2:00pm–3:00pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • PerformEX Stage

T19 – Accessibility and Barrier Free Design

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Health & Wellness; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 HSW-Building Code Hour IDCEC Approved ]

The seminar introduces where Canada and its Provinces stand with regards to implementing accessibility requirements. This seminar is a great foundation for learning and understanding the prescribed accessibility (barrier-free) design requirements as they relate to the 2014 Alberta Building Code (ABC), at the same time bringing attention to more restrictive accessibility design requirements that may be governed by the City. The goal of this course is to address the intent behind accessibility requirements and why they are important and the design of a universal built environment. Attendees will have a better understanding of when, and to what extent, barrier-free design may be applicable to their new or existing projects. This session will be of value to architects, interior designers, space planners, engineers and select manufacturers. Content is designed for industry professionals with beginner to intermediate knowledge of the Alberta Building Code.

Samantha Proulx

Samantha Proulx, Accessibility and Building Code Consultant, Jensen Hughes Consulting Canada Ltd.

Samantha Proulx, C.E.T, is a lead Accessibility Consultant in Canada with almost seven years of experience assisting industry professionals with the provision of universal design.  Ms. Proulx helps her clients understand the intent behind designing a safe environment for all individuals, while ensuring even the most complex of designs can facilitate function, wayfinding, and inclusivity for its potential users. Samantha specialises in Municipal, Provincial, and National Codes, Standards and Legislatures related to accessible design. Her diverse range of experience includes general accessibility consulting, accessibility compliance assessments and building audits, establishing accessibility policies for companies and new building projects, alternative solutions and variances, safe evacuation for persons with disabilities as well as conducting educational seminars among many others.

Samantha was recognized as an expert in her field at the Building Show 2017 (North America’s Largest Exposition) for a second time, had the opportunity of educating well over 300 attendee’s last year on barrier-free design, was featured in Construction Canada Magazine (July 2017 edition) and conducted a workshop at the 2018 Abilities Expo this past January. Some of Ms. Proulx’s projects include: The new Regina Rough Riders Stadium, Providence Care Hospital, and the new Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

Tuesday, March 20 • 3:00pm–4:00pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • ROOM 109

T20 – KEYNOTE: Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Experiential: Why Build a Culture of Experimentation

[Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials; Professional & Personal Skills Development; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Health & Wellness; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management, Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Competition is for losers. Today, our competitive global market is unforgiving and ruthless –no one is spared. Consumer expectations and behaviors, shaped by new market entrants, have also changed more in the last 10 years than in the last 100 years combined. Disruptive innovation is forcing firms to reimagine their customer experiences, channel strategies and business models. How do we survive? Today, we need to be bold, brave and experimental. We can only keep up if we foster a relentless culture that promotes human-centered design and rapid experimentation. This is our only competitive advantage.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn why 2018 is the greatest (and scariest) time to be in business.
  • Learn why taking a human-centered approach helps build culture, but also de-risks projects by saving time and money.
  • Explore how the leading companies have embraced the power of competition and experimentation.
  • Learn from Shawn’s experience on the battleground of building culture with clients and internally.
  • Obtain methods and tools for transforming your organization’s culture.

Shawn Kanungo

Shawn Kanungo, Partner, Queen & Rook Capital

Shawn Kanungo is a strategist and keynote speaker who operates at the intersection of creativity, business and technology. He has been recognized nationally and globally for his work in the innovation space after 12 years working at Deloitte. Shawn’s mandate at the firm was to help corporate executives to better understand and plan for the opportunities and threats associated with disruptive innovation.

Now as General Partner of Queen & Rook Capital, he is focused on applying exponential technologies and new business models to mature businesses. Shawn is a practitioner who has worked hand-to-hand with hundreds of organizations on their journey to digital transformation. He has adopted the concepts of behavioural economics, user-centered design, crowdsourcing, artificial intelligence, drones and film to help create world class client experiences.

His work and interviews have been featured in Forbes, The Globe & Mail, The Guardian, CBC and CTV. In 2016, he was recognized as Avenue Magazine‘s Top 40 Under 40. He spoke at TEDx in 2017, and was named to Inc‘s 100 Most Innovative Leadership Speakers in 2018. His podcast, The Remix with Shawn & Wang, can be currently found on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.